Is Your Office Too Uncomfortable To Be Truly Productive?

When we’re uncomfortable, we don’t get very much done. We’re too focused on the way we feel, and how quickly the clock is ticking before we can get out and go home again. And that’s something your workplace could be suffering from right now. Maybe you’re all stuck together in a cramped space? Maybe you’ve just moved to a new location and need to be sure your office is fit for purpose? Whatever it is that’s making your employees less than satisfied with their workplace, here are a few tips to improve things for better productivity. 

Keep People Comfortable as They Sit

The longer someone has to sit at a desk, the worse their back and legs are going to fare. And that’s something you can stamp out from the get-go. Outfit your office with this in mind; if you’re going to ask employees to sit for up to 8 hours per day, you should ensure they’re safe to do so! You can invest in ergonomic furniture, including desks and chairs, that’ll provide spinal and muscle support throughout the day. 

Sort the Plumbing Out

Your employees are going to need to use the break room kitchen and the toilets at some point, and that’ll be hard to do without reliable plumbing. You don’t stale water collecting anywhere, and you definitely don’t want any backups stinking the whole office out. 

So if your employees are reporting troubles with sinks and beyond, you may need to get in touch with some directional drilling companies to dig out what’s going on underneath the pavement outside. Don’t leave a problem like this for too long – the pipes might just explode on you! 

Set the Temperature Just Right

It’s hard to work in an office that’s just on the wrong side of warm; it can be easy for the heat to feel both overbearing and like you’re about to fall asleep all at once. Similarly, it’s hard to work in an office that’s too cold – you can’t shiver your way through a marketing report! 

So you’re going to need some temperature control to keep things balanced. Make sure it’s cool enough to work from the morning to the early evening and don’t be afraid to adjust the temperature according to the season. 

Let Employees Use Headphones

Your employees all have their own optimum working conditions, and allowing that kind of freedom in the workplace is key to setting things up comfortably. As such, letting them bring in their own headphones to use as they work might just turn the tide in your favor. 

Or you could provide company headphones that are noise-canceling, to help your employees focus on their tasks without being distracted by those who like to chat at work. Either way, this would be a little gesture that goes a long way to making the office more comfortable to be in. 

If your office is not a nice place to be, make some little improvements like these.