Leadership Blog Roundup: Effective Traits And Strategies To Up Your Leadership Game


What I enjoy the most about Leadership Blog Roundups is how you can quickly summarize great tips and strategies all in one single post.  This roundup is all about sharing leadership and personal development strategies to help you become a more effective leader.


Tony Robbins Says This One Trait Shared by Gates, Jobs, And Branson Is What It Takes To Succeed



There are many different paths you can take that will lead you to success.  You can find several Entrepreneurs who share similar visions on what behaviors are needed.  There is, however, one key trait that is shared by some of the most successful Entrepreneurs.


Which one do you think it is?


4 Types of Leaders Who Aren’t Ready for Coaching

Blanchard LeaderChat


There are several articles on how to coach.  This post takes a different approach.  Coaching Expert Patricia Overland shares a couple of examples from her experience of when a leader may not be ready to learn and apply coaching skills. She also explains that offering coaching without addressing key underlying beliefs is usually a recipe for failure.


What are these five must-haves that need to be in place?


The Importance of Leadership Development: 7 Facts HR Needs To Know



In a recent study, leadership development has been shown to make a bigger impact on an organization’s success than an organization’s “culture of innovation”.  Is the importance of leadership development at your organization similar to that of your culture?


This is just one of the points mentioned in the CareerMinds post.  The article goes on to highlight other key factors on why Leadership Development needs to be a priority in every organization.


3 Habits of Highly Effective Coaches

Michael Hyatt


Michael Hyatt shares some insights on his recent conversation with coaching expert Michael Bungay Stanier about his new book The Coaching Habit.


How do you get the most amount of coaching with the least amount of effort?


“Your job as a leader and a manager is to help people become more competent, more confident, more capable, more autonomous because that helps them, but honestly it helps you. Because I’m betting nobody here is going ‘Well thank goodness I can just coach people all day because I’ve got nothing else to do.’”  Michael Bungay Stanier


It doesn’t come down to how much you direct, nor how much you control.  Coaching comes down to how much you lead.


Under the Microscope: How Micromanaging Harms Productivity



The concept is not new.  Micromanaging actually does more harm than good.  You are trading in long-term results for short-term success.  This article goes on to explain how you can tell if you are a micromanager yourself and reviews exactly why it doesn’t work.


15 Lessons Learned from Employees who Left



I thought this was an interesting article in that it shares key lessons learned not from those in the organization, but those who left.  Often you can learn the most from those no longer in your company.


Are there common themes that stand out?


3 Ingredients of a Great Meeting

Random Acts of Leadership


If you calculate the ROI of the meetings you attended in the last Quarter, you may be surprised.  If you haven’t taken the time to do this exercise, ask yourself today “What do these meetings accomplish?  How do they make us move toward the company goals faster?”


If the answer doesn’t come quickly, then read the article for great tips on how to improve the productivity of your meetings.


What great article have you read lately and would like to share?


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