Business Software Directory Recognizes GrowSurf With 2 Marketing Software Distinctions


After a thorough examination from FinancesOnline’s B2B software experts, GrowSurf, a free referral software tool, received two prestigious recognitions: the Great User Experience and Rising Star award. Generally, FinancesOnline’s experts praised GrowSurf’s ease of use. “GrowSurf makes it easy even for novice digital markets, agencies, enterprises and organizations of all types to create and launch […]

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Why We Built GrowSurf When There Are Already 50+ Other Referral Marketing Software Solutions Out There


There are already 50+ referral marketing solutions out there, so why did we build another one? The year was 2015, and we needed to implement referrals for our own SaaS businesses. We really admired freemium tools HotJar, Mailchimp, Zapier, Firebase, and Heroku] that democratized core services for startups and small businesses. We were looking for […]

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How to Stay Zen in a Technological World

Why Is It Important to Get along with Yourself?


Most people are used to care about their relationships with others more than they do about their relationship with themselves. A healthy self-relationship often becomes a foundation of many different things; genuine altruism, self-development, and real friendship are impossible if someone struggles to like themselves. According to psychologists, it takes only a couple of moments […]

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