Pre-Moving in Security Checklist

Whether you accepted a job in a new city, just graduated from school, or are looking to make a life change, you may consider living alone. The thought of living alone may be exciting to some people, but the idea can also be terrifying to others. With this in mind, our friends over at Apartment Guide wanted to help create a guide on the benefits and challenges of living alone.

Living alone can be the perfect way to get to know yourself and learn to become more independent, but it’s not always for everyone. Making sure you are properly taking care of yourself and your personal needs is the key to thriving in a solo living environment. There are also some important things you need to keep in mind before moving.

If you’re contemplating living alone, we’ve gathered expert tips to not only keep you safe and secure but also mentally well so you can thrive.

weekly self-care checklist

Download File for Printable (Click the link for the Pre Move-in Security Checklist)