Qualities of a Thoughtful and Conscientious Driver. Do You Have These Skills?

Driving isn’t just about getting from one place to another as quickly as possible. It’s about being in control of a potentially lethal machine and reaching your destination safely. It also means having to deal with other drivers, and as you may have realized not all drivers are as committed to safe driving practices as you are.

Aggressive driving, DUIs, tailgating, and failing to signal properly… all of these bad habits can result in serious road accidents – have a chat with these accident & personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX if you’ve been in a crash that could have been avoided. 

So, do you have the qualities of a thoughtful and conscientious driver? Or do you often indulge in bad driving habits? Check out these good driving qualities below. 

You’re incredibly patient

A good driver is incredibly patient. Whether they’re stuck in slow-moving traffic on the way to work or they’re following an over-cautious learner driver from a safe distance, being patient behind the wheel means that you’re less likely to make mistakes or cause an accident. 

If you’re impatient then you probably indulge in poor driving habits such as honking your horn in an aggressive manner, tailgating and then overtaking dangerously. 

You take responsibility for your actions

Not everyone is perfect and even someone who practices good driving habits can make mistakes. Whether that’s accidentally cutting someone off, being in the wrong lane or not moving fast enough when the traffic lights change. Owning up to your mistakes and then learning from them is something all good drivers do. 

If you’re someone who regularly makes mistakes behind the wheel but simply brushes them off or consistently believes that other road users are at fault, then it’s something you may need to work on!

You take care of your vehicle

Taking care of your vehicle isn’t just about keeping a tank full of gas. It means regularly maintaining your vehicle and ensuring it’s roadworthy. If your vehicle is in good condition, the tires are inflated, the engine has plenty of oil and the tires and brakes are working as they should, then your car is reliable and won’t break down causing an obstruction in the road and creating other potentially dangerous scenarios. 

If you’re someone who never checks their tire pressure, can’t remember the last time they checked the oil levels and often runs their car on empty, then you need to change your habits. If you’re involved in a dangerous road situation then your poorly maintained vehicle may not react the way you need it to.

And finally, you follow the rules of the road

Speed limits, caution signs, traffic signals, lights, markings on the road. Another quality of a good driver is someone who follows the rules of the road. These restrictions and rules are there for a reason – to keep every road user and pedestrian safe. 

If you don’t follow these rules then you’re not only putting your own life in danger but the lives of other innocent road users.