The Smart Approach To Company Swag


As a business owner, you already know that there are benefits to giving away company-branded products to your loyal and future customers. It’s a good way to cement your relationships, reward their interest, and all-around integrate your business into their lives, in however small a way. But it’s not just enough to pick any old thing and put it in the hands of other people. You need to be smart with your approach. If you’re not, you’ll just find that you’ve wasted your money, and your customer’s time. We take a look at some useful tips below.

Make It Useful

It’s imperative that what you’re giving away is actually useful. People already have drawers and drawers of items they don’t need. They don’t want to add another item to the list. If it’s nothing more than a toy, then it won’t just end up getting thrown away pretty quickly; they’ll also have a lessened impression of your business. A pen is all good and well, but there’s a chance that it’s been done. Try to give them something that they might actually buy for themselves, not just wait to be handed one for free at the next trade show.

Undeniably Yours

There’s a reason why you’re handing out freebies: you want people to know about – and remember – your company. Giving them anything that you’ve just bought in bulk isn’t going to work. If you want them to know it came from you, it needs to have your name on the side, or be an example of your work. So get creative. If you use a laser cutter, you can take many items, and personalize them so they have your company name and logo on the side. Boss Lasers, for example, can engrave or cut through a wide range of materials. Put your own spin on your giveaway, and they won’t forget your name in a hurry.

Add the Fun Factor

It’s all good and well-offering something useful, but to stand out from the crowd, then consider adding the fun factor. There’s more to life than just what’s sensible or logical. While you might not want to make “fun items” the core part of your giveaway, remember that there might be a time and place for such items. For example, at your next trade show, when people are loaded up with all the usual, standard giveaways, consider offering custom magic 8 balls as a playful yet memorable giveaway. Learn how to make a custom magic 8 ball to add an extra touch of creativity and uniqueness to your branding efforts.

For The Few, Not The Many

Depending on what your company is and who it is targeting, you might want to consider a more specific audience for your giveaways, especially if they cost you money every time you make an order. Give your swag to people you know are interested in what your company has to offer. Don’t just hand them out to everyone on the street!

Freebies are a great way to get your brand noticed, and to show potential customers that you understand their needs and lifestyles. Make them part of your marketing campaigns!

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