The Bizarre Tricks Some Brands Use To Grow Their Appeal

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Growing a business is always a challenge. But sometimes it calls for innovative thinking and breaking the mold. Yes – you could go down the same route as everyone else. But that’s treading a competitive and well-worn path. What you want are unique ideas that foster the potential for massive returns. 

Promote Other People

Here’s a weird strategy you might want to try. Instead of focusing solely on your brand, see what happens if you start promoting other people. 

For example, you could become a platform that businesses pay to talk about their products. Every time you promote their products and services (using their money), you also put your name in front of consumers

Have More Real Conversations

Today’s top business leaders are starting to realize that just sending people leaflets in the post isn’t going to work. More effective are simple, everyday conversations that build trust. But why?

It’s all to do with scarcity. Right now, you can chat to anyone online or pay a publishing company to send out media in the post. But that’s not scarce. Everyone’s doing it, so it doesn’t stand out. 

But when you actually talk to customers, it changes the dynamic. All of a sudden they view you in a new light. You build personal rapport. And they get the sense that you genuinely care about meeting their needs. 

Testimonial Support

Many digital marketing companies swear by testimonial support on websites. And for good reasons – it converts. 

Testimonial support works by providing that all-important social proof. It’s not you telling your customers that your products are amazing – it’s other people who buy from you. 


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Here’s another tactic you could try: experiences. 

Experiences have been difficult to arrange during the pandemic. But they are among the most powerful tools at your disposal. You simply organize some type of event and then provide a good time for whoever shows up. 

If you’re a small business, the best approach here is to partner with a larger event you know is going to be successful. So, for instance, you might tag along for a business conference or offer a kiosk for trying out your products at a trade show. 

Listen To Your Customers

If you listen hard enough, your customers will tell you what they want – both directly and indirectly. Big brands spend millions of dollars every year on surveys trying to work out what their audiences need most from them, and how they can implement them.

Be More Skillful

You can also increase the appeal of your business by upping your skills. 

Everyone pretends that they are egalitarian, but when it comes down to their personal choices, they’re always elitists. Nobody wants a middling doctor, for example – they want the best. 

Becoming more skillful is a surefire way to improve your brand image. Customers will talk among themselves about the quality of your services, causing a snowball effect. As word-of-mouth spreads, you’ll find your customer numbers growing and your business expanding. 

So, will you try any of these bizarre tricks to grow your brand appeal?