The Importance of Packaging and Displays in Marketing

Pulling in customers and making them buy even when they’re not prepared to purchase is a hard act that will make your brand stand out from your competition.

Packaging and display are important factors in marketing that can spell the difference in selling the merchandise or not on the retail floor. The display will draw the customer’s attention to your product, and the product packaging will tell the story of why they need to buy. By getting everything right, you’re on your way to building your brand and keeping the cash register busy.

Packaging for Marketing

With many products on the shelf competing for a sale, you need to catch the buyer’s attention. Your efforts for creating the perfect product will be for naught if the consumer does not pick your product over the others.

Product packaging is the first point of contact with a shopper. It attracts the buyer’s eyes, and then it stimulates interest. Curiosity will lead to a meticulous analysis of the factors associated with the product, such as content, manufacturer, brand name, price, and more. Once the products meet the customer’s wants and needs you’re in for a sale.

Packaging should protect the product inside, especially for non-durable items. When the customer opens the package, it should be undamaged. This will make your product noteworthy and pleasing to new and repeat customers.

Displays and Promotes the Product

Product packaging is a great marketing tool to promote and display the product inside. The outer cover of food products contains details of nutritional facts, ingredients, and how to cook. Products that need to be assembled should display instructions describing how to put the pieces together and use them.

Consumers will be happy with their purchase if they know what the product is all about. Showing important information about the product will meet the customer’s expectations and stimulate customer satisfaction.

Other packaging skips the long-winded instructions and lets the product promote itself. The customer can see the product with the use of clear plastic boxes instead of diagrams and written descriptions. The manufacturer is confident about the product, which works well with customers. Product visibility and secure box design when combined with fancy patterns build shelf pull.

Functional Packaging

Functional packaging provides valuable benefits to the customer. By understanding the customer’s wants and needs, you can create packaging that will provide convenience and a product that sincerely helps the customer. They are so many available tools like RFID technology that make this process easier.

The product packaging should not be difficult to open, there is no need for scissors or knives to reach the merchandise inside. Re-closing should not be a problem. The package should keep the product fresh and prolong its service life while stored. It should not require a lot of space and can be easily carried by the buyer while on the move. The packaging materials should not harm the environment and keep the product from damage.

Food, beverage, or perishable industries use resealable bags or pouches. By providing a zipper or other customer-friendly closure, your patrons can use the original packaging to store the items, keep them fresh, and be accessible for an extended period. Using intelligent labels like a QR code or RFID technology, your customers will have more information about your product than a standard label. Tamper-proof product packaging will show that your product has not been opened and tainted, a buyer is assured that it is safe to consume and a good basis to purchase your item.

Today, more customers tend to purchase from responsible brands that care for them and their surroundings. They are looking for items that will be helpful and won’t bother their daily routine. Functional packaging will give them all of these and create loyal customers for years and years.

Attracts Buyers Decision

Whether consumers buy their items through e-commerce or brick-and-mortar stores product packaging design still matters. A package that stands out from the rest attracts the buyer’s attention and will persuade them to look into your product which can be the selling point for many products.

An eye-popping label or a creative case will generate an impression that a customer will never forget. Here are some ways of swaying a buyer’s decision in your favor.

Color Patterns

When choosing colors, the best approach is to think of a scheme that will represent your business. The colors should be associated with your logo and the design of your package.  If you are selling luxury items, black, silver, and gold will work best for your line. White and lavender for cleaning products symbolize cleanliness, softness, and protection. Pairing bright colors with black imply energy and sophistication. 

Secure packaging

Aside from protecting the product from damage and preventing costly returns, secure packaging will give the impression of quality. A creative design, as well as recycled biodegradable materials, connotes that you care about your surroundings attracting buyers who share the same interest.

Differentiate your brand from others

A well-thought product packaging will differentiate your brand from competitors and will catch the eye of the buyer. Think about your customers when designing your package; what motivates them to buy, age, sex, and more. Include the purpose of your product and the message you want to convey through your packaging.