The Importance of Regular Backups: Can You Afford to Lose Essential Company Data?

Lost data is something that happens to every business at some point. There are several ways data can be lost and, when it is, that loss can have severe repercussions for the business. With the importance of using computers and storing data today, business owners need to be aware of the risks and what they can do to minimize the potential for data to be lost. 

How Data Can be Lost

Data can be lost with the stroke of a key. An employee making a mistake could wipe out a significant amount of data all at once, and it likely wasn’t done intentionally. Other ways to lose data include physical issues like computers breaking down or a fire in the building that destroys the computers. It’s also possible for business owners to suffer a ransomware attack where the data is encrypted or deleted and a ransom is needed to regain access to it. Professional IT Solutions can help company owners prevent data losses in these and other situations. 

How Does Having a Backup Help?

Having a backup means there’s a way to restore the data if anything happens to it. If it’s ransomed, it’s easy to ignore the ransom, update security measures, and restore the data. If the backup is in the cloud and the physical computers are destroyed, the data can be downloaded to new computers and will be ready to use again. Having a backup can help reduce the amount of time the data is lost, reduce the potential for any information to be permanently lost, and help the company save a significant amount of time. 

The Cost of Lost Data

Lost data can be extremely expensive. Even if the data is lost due to an accident, the amount of time needed to recover will cost the company money. If the data cannot be recovered, it’s possible for the company to lose customers. If the data is ransomed, companies could be asked to pay thousands to millions of dollars to recover the data. Even if they pay this, the data may not be turned back over to them or might be incomplete, leaving the company without the data it needs to operate. 

 How to Backup Data for a Business

Businesses today have numerous options they can use to back up the data. It is best to do this frequently, as doing so minimizes the amount of data that could be permanently lost. Business owners can opt for a physical backup, backing up the data in the cloud, or backing up the data in other ways. It is often a good idea to back up the data in multiple formats just to be prepared for anything that could happen. This creates redundancy, which further reduces the potential for any data to be permanently lost. 

As a business owner, you know how important data is to the operation of the company. What happens if some or all of that data is lost? It can be more than just a mess to deal with and can cost your business a significant amount of time and money. Instead, work with a professional to make sure everything is backed up properly and there is a way to recover any data that may be lost.