The Major US Companies Paying The Best Salaries For Junior Roles And Entry-Level Positions

Entry-level jobs are an excellent way to gain valuable experience and learn how a business operates from the bottom up. But entry-level jobs usually equal entry-level salaries. That means you’ll have to put in some serious time and effort before you can command a salary that covers the costs of living and leaves some left over to save, invest, and enjoy your free time.

However, not all entry-level jobs pay the bottom dollar. If you can get a foot in the door at the right company, you could earn well above the average salary from day one. And wouldn’t that be nice?

So which US companies are offering generous starting salaries for entry-level employees? And which ones continue to use a ‘lack of experience’ as an excuse to keep wages down for new starters?

The research team from CashNetUSA decided to answer both questions in their latest study. Based on starting salary data collected and analyzed from Indeed, it ranks many of the major US companies based on how much they pay entry-level staff compared to the local median salaries.

It reveals some serious earning potential for applicants entering the US job market for the first time. For example, most entry-level employees at big-name companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Target are earning way above the salary of an average US worker. And financial giants like Citigroup use high starting salaries for junior positions to attract the best and brightest candidates with the most long-term potential.

Check out the infographics below for a full breakdown of the best-paying US companies for entry-level roles.