Time, The Most Wasted Resource In Business (And How To Stop Hemorrhaging It)


Many advice posts that you read about business discuss subjects like productivity, profit, incomings, and outgoings. However, the key resource that underpins all of these things and that is often overlooked is time. A topic that you can find out more about, as well as how to persevere is found in the article below.


Automate or minimize workflows


If your business is full of time-consuming and ineffective work processes, then it will be costing you time and money. Of course, there isn’t much excuse for this in the current market either, because so many companies offer products that can help you automate or at least minimize the time that is involved in particular tasks.



In fact, you can just about cut down on the time it takes to do anything from targeting your marketing to a specific audience, to producing official documents, and even with regards to managing the shipping of your product or the resources you need. The latter task being something that companies like qafila.com can help you with, so why are you wasting time? Sort it ASAP!


Group tasks together


Next, you can save a lot of time and so money by using a rational approach to the tasks that need to be completed. In fact, this is precisely how assembly lines work in factories, and that is why they are so time efficient.


What you need to do is group the same and similar tasks together and allow your employees to focus just on these at one time. This can help to complete them more quickly because they don’t have to swap what they are doing with their minds, bodies, or equipment from one very different task to another. Something that can make each individual job much easier and quicker to complete.


Monitor productivity and encourage motivation


Also, don’t forget that when it comes to saving time, how you motivate your employees will significantly affect the rate at which they work. Of course, there are many ways that you can improve this, although I can tell you that micromanaging them or offering punitive measures for infractions on basic issues such as being a minute late back from a break or going to the restroom during work time is a bad idea.



Instead, look to productivity monitoring software that can help everyone see their progress and also flag up any project on which they are stuck. Something that can help to get things moving along much more smoothly, as well as make it easy for managers to prioritize their time and attention as well.


Give employees respect


Lastly, when it comes to preserving or wasting time, your employee can be your biggest allies. If you treat them right, that is. What this means is that you need to offer them a good wage, with decent benefits to start with. Something you can read more about at thebalancecareers.com.


You also need to ensure that they have a certain amount of autonomy at work and that what you are asking them to do is reasonable in the first place. Otherwise, you will find that time will be wasted, productivity will suffer, and your costs will inevitably rise.



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