Title: 5 Job-Winning Ways to Customize Your Resume


Job hunting is a tedious process. Between the lengthy applications, thought-out cover letters, and skills tests, jobseekers may spend close to 2+ hours on a single application. With all of these time-consuming requirements customizing a resume for each application seems like an impossible task. It is much easier to create a one-size-fits-all resume and send the same file to every company to save time. However, although it may save the applicant a few minutes, it could lead to their application getting scrapped altogether. According to this recent study, 18% of recruiters immediately throw out a resume that isn’t customized to the specific job description.

So before you submit your un-customized resume, take a few minutes and study the job requirements listed in the posting and tailor your resume accordingly. Hiring managers will see that you took your time and that your specific qualifications make you an excellent candidate for the position. Below are some key items that you should focus on when tailoring your resume.

  • Filename: If you are applying for jobs online you will likely attach your resume as a file. When you do this, recruiters can see the filename and will take note of any errors. Check for misspellings, job title changes, and company names mistakes.
  • Skills List: Read the requirements and preferred skills in the job description and use those keywords to describe your skills.
  • Relevant Experience: Only list past jobs on your resume that gave you experience for the role you are applying for.
  • Job Responsibilities: For your past experience, list your achievements that relate to the job description.
  • Layout: Arrange your page in order from most to least important. For most positions, this will mean listing your skills and experience at the top.

Increase your chances of being seen and landing an interview by customizing every resume that you send. Read the requirements and description and build your resume to highlight how perfect you are for the open position. Whether it takes you a half an hour or ten minutes, the effort will certainly pay off.

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