Top 11 Ideas for Student Business Ventures

If you think of it, your student years are one of the best times of your life to try your luck at business. College and universities are, in fact, breeding grounds for startups. You can tap into resources for virtually anything – design, development, marketing, etc. 

For those looking to get started with their entrepreneurial career while in college, this article walks you through a list of business ideas from online platforms, e-commerce, academic ventures, and more. 

Become a Student Tutor 

Everyone during their college years would have wished for some help with their academics. When the stack of assignments increases, it is not uncommon for students to request professionals to write my paper at EssayPro so as not to miss a deadline. These platforms have qualified writers who are experts in different subjects and can offer you assistance. 

This just demonstrates that there is a large market among students when it comes to offering academic support. If you are confident and have sufficient expertise in your field of study, many around you could benefit from your help, and you can start a tutoring business right from your dorm room. 

Consider Photography 

If you own a decent camera and have a passion for photography, you can try partnering with venues near campus. If possible, you can even become the official photographer for events held in your college and outside. This will, of course, require a lot of effort from your side. Alternatively, you can set up your own photo booth and encourage students to visit during parties and other networking events. 

Establish Laundry Service 

Do you remember when you were actually eager to do laundry? Never? Why not turn this unwelcome chore into a business venture. You can capitalize on the laziness of your fellow students by offering to wash, dry, and deliver their clothes for a reasonable price. If the venture is a success, you can also expand your business to students living outside the campus. 

Provide Moving Service

It will never be too difficult to find students or professionals who seek the help of movers on campus. And surprisingly, many choose to hire help to make this process easier. It is possible for you to make up to $200 on a single moving job. 

If you are willing to and fit to do some heavy lifting, you can join an existing business or start your own, depending on your schedule. If you can add more people to your team, this can be an entrepreneurial venture that requires little to no capital. 

Sell Your Design 

Design students or anybody who has a flair for art can turn their hobby into a business. There are plenty of design opportunities these days. You can get creative with t-shirts, calligraphy, typography, paintings, banners, prints, and more. 

It is possible to set up your official page via social media or through platforms such as Etsy. Although it might take some time to get things off the ground, with good marketing, you could soon be building your design empire. 

Become a Makeup Artist 

Do you love doing makeup? Then you have a potential business opportunity right there. Hiring professional makeup artists can get very expensive, and your fellow students might appreciate you offering a helping hand for events and such at a modest price. 

You will just have to market yourself and let your target customers know that you are offering top-notch services. Try to stand out with your unique selling point, and your efforts will pay off.

Be a Personal Fitness Trainer 

Again, students are often constrained by their budget when it comes to many things they want to do. Joining a gym and working with a personal trainer is one of them, and it can get very costly. 

On the other hand, you can offer your services and tailored advice to your clients. Today, this is much easier with video calls. When compared to what personal trainers charge these days, even if you ask your clients $25 an hour, it will be cheaper for them and lucrative for you. 

Become a YouTuber

Contrary to what many might think, running a YouTube channel can be time-consuming. But student vlogs have a large market, and if you can get creative, it is worth tapping into it. 

Fortunately, you do not have to go out of your way to find content ideas. Being a student blogger is all about showing your daily life and activities to your audience but from your unique perspective. If done right, there is a lot of scope in this niche to grow. 

Write Reviews

Everybody these days refers to the Internet before they make a purchase. And new companies are always looking for testers to provide them with feedback before they launch their products to the wider markets. You can find websites online where you can sign up to get started. 

Fill Out Surveys

If you didn’t know this already, you could get paid to fill out surveys. These are often part of market research conducted by businesses to gather data about their target customers. 

Needless to say, surveys are pretty easy to fill out, and you can get money simply for providing your opinion. Websites such as Swagbucks and OnePoll are welcoming people on board for this purpose. Just make sure to check whether you will be getting paid in cash or by gift vouchers. 

Become a Pet Sitter 

Pet sitting is a growing industry becoming more in demand every day. If you are an animal lover, one of the easiest ways to make money or start a business venture is by offering to take care of pets. You can either visit other houses or even ask others to drop their animal companions in your apartment. 


So, as you can see, there is no lack of ideas these days to become a student entrepreneur. You can start small, right from within the bounds of your campus, and grow your business from there via some active marketing.