Top Tips for Managing an Office Move


Moving office is always an exciting time for a business but it can also be stressful. There is a lot which goes into an office move, whether it is within a building or all the way across the city to new premises. Here is everything you need to think about when preparing an office move so you can manage it effectively.


Find an Interim Location

Some businesses have a tremendous amount of paperwork they need to move. For example, a legal office in New York City is going to have many casefiles and legal papers which they need to hold onto even in the middle of a move. Therefore, it might be beneficial for them to look into New York City storage units like those found at


They are New York City self-storage experts and they will be able to hold any amount of documentation in a safe location until it is ready to go to your new offices. The advantage of using somewhere like Moishe’s Self-Storage is that once your items are with them, they can hold onto them for as long as you need them to. If your lease at the new office falls through at the last moment, you can know that your documentation is safe and secure before you begin your office search again.


Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

One of the most important things you can do when trying to effectively plan an office move is to delegate different roles to your team members. Trying to shoulder everything yourself is going to end up with you becoming burned out as you try to manage the move on top of your regular workload.

Select a few trustworthy members of your team and give them various jobs. For example, one person could be tasked with getting quotes from a removal company while another might be in charge of packing up the office. Giving out small jobs like this will help to break down the burden of the move and hopefully make it less stressful for all.


Move-in at a Quiet Time

Though this might be difficult in a busy city like New York, you should definitely try to move the majority of the office when it is slightly quieter. This is especially true when taking your furniture into the new building. If your building has not got a service elevator you can use, you will be stuck taking bulky furniture like desks and filing cabinets either up the stairs or in the public lifts. If you do this when everyone is trying to enter or exit the building, you are likely to cause a lot of anger as you get in everyone’s way.


Trying to move office should be treated as carefully as you would treat moving houses. From self-storage in NYC to asking for some help from your employees, there are many ways that you can manage an office move successfully. As soon as you have your new premises confirmed, start to draw up your plans.