The Unlikely Origins Of Six Famous Car Companies


Starting a new business is an incredible challenge. In a company’s infancy, there is no brand recognition or consumer loyalty on which to lean. New companies must be built from the ground up and will likely see many difficulties on their way to success.


The Small Business Association estimates that 30 percent of small businesses fail within two years and 50 percent within five years. With such high failure rates, the idea of creating a successful brand may seem out of reach. Even with a modern understanding of best practices in advertising, management and customer retention, entrepreneurs must work tirelessly to overcome setbacks and obstacles and avoid the looming chance of failure.


The Zebra has put together an infographic that tells the stories of six businesses with very meager beginnings. From financial failures to overwhelming changes in management, these companies started with very little. However, today they are known as some of the largest companies in the world, with offices around the world and thousands of employees at their command.


Who are these companies and how did they achieve such success? We know them as automotive giants: Fiat, Aston Martin, Mazda, Jeep, Mini Cooper and Lamborghini. Their products are spread around the globe and the typical consumer has a solid understanding of their brand. But they didn’t start this way. In fact, some of these companies didn’t even start in the automotive manufacturing realm.


From Fiat to Lamborghini, the stories of these incredible companies should be an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. Through the grit of their founders, these brands made their way into the limelight and grew into the powerful automotive companies they are today.


Enjoy the stories of these incredible car companies and their journey through history.



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