Are You Unwittingly Putting People Off Your Business?


When it comes to business, it’s all about making a good impression. With so much competition, you need to stand out from other similar companies and give customers and clients to choose you over the others. Something seemingly small can be enough to put them off, and lead to them going to shop with your rivals instead. Here are some of the ways you could accidentally be putting people off your business.

A bad website

Research has shown that most website visits are abandoned if the site takes more than three seconds to load. A website that looks amateur is full of broken links, cluttered ads, and is generally not pleasant to look at will reflect badly on your company. Every business needs a website these days, even if you’re a local company that does not sell online- you need your information and contact details at the very minimum to be available to people who are looking. If you’re a new company that a customer hasn’t shopped with before, a poor website could be enough to put them off wanting to give you a try. Invest in the services of a web designer and have them create something just for you.

Unpleasant premises

Do you work from an office, shop, or other premises that involve customers coming into your workplace? If so, an unpleasant space can seriously put them off. If it’s dingy and dull, improve the lighting and have it decorated in light neutral colors. If it’s cramped and crowded them play around with a new layout. Companies like Miracle Maintenance services can get rid of graffiti from outside if your premises have been vandalized. If you’re responsible for any outside space with your premises then it can be worth hiring a gardener to come in and cut lawns, remove weeds, and generally make the place look tidy so you’re not putting people off. Customers and clients will assume if your workplace looks disorganized and thrown together that you have the same attitude to the rest of your business.

Poorly run social accounts

When you’ve never shopped with a company before, a great way to find out more about them is to look at their social accounts- this is something people will do when they’re deciding to shop with your business. Rude replies, lots of complaints or just radio silence indicates that you’re not responsive or issues will be difficult to resolve. This can put people off, they will want to know that if something happens with their order that it will be put right as quickly as possible. Hire a social media manager to run your accounts, you can hire a freelancer on a self-employed basis to do this if you don’t want the hassle of hiring an employee.

Your business is your baby, you pour all of your effort, energy, and hard work into it. The last thing you want is to be putting people off with silly things. Check that you’re not making these mistakes- and if you are, put them right!

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