Virtual Business Meetings: 7 Tips You Must Know

As technology has progressed, virtual meetings have become simpler, more efficient, and more popular. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, virtual business meetings have become even more popular in the workplace. Virtual business meetings allow people to connect in ways that were previously impossible. They allow people working from home to connect with people in the office. They also enable people around the world who previously could not connect for business meetings to do so. 

When scheduling, planning, and participating in virtual business meetings, there are few important things that you should keep in mind. Following these tips will help your meetings to go more efficiently. Remember that these are just some basic guidelines and that your specific workplace may require that you follow additional steps for success. 

1. Voice & tone

During virtual meetings, you should speak firmly, clearly, and with a good volume and pace. Articulating yourself is important in any professional situation, but it is especially important when you are leading a video conference online or participating in one. People may not be able to read your lips as easily over video chat, and they may experience technical difficulties with their audio. Articulating yourself will help to prevent any issues in this area.

2. Dress appropriately

During virtual meetings, you should also dress and present yourself as you would for a business meeting in person. Even if you work from home and your usual uniform consists of sweat pants and a tee-shirt, you will want to present yourself more professionally for your virtual meetings. 

You should always present your face and hair neatly and wear neat, professional clothing when logging onto video meetings. This will help prevent meeting participants from becoming distracted, and it will also make a positive impression on others. 

3. Video conference

If you are in charge of organising the meeting, ensure that you have utilised the best video conferencing solutions possible. Specific resources are available to help you with this task. You want to make sure that your video can be seen and your audio can be heard to prevent miscommunications or time-wasting during your virtual meetings. 

If you are organising the meeting, the participants are relying on you to ensure that things run smoothly and effectively. Quality, functioning audio, and video are essential for the success of any virtual meeting. 

4. Be punctual

Arrive in virtual meetings on time or early. Arriving late to a meeting on a virtual platform can be just as distracting, unprofessional, and rude as in person. It is essential to set aside some quiet time without distractions when you have a virtual business meeting to prepare for. 

Because you do not have to commute to a virtual meeting, traffic is not a good excuse for being late for one. If there is any reason why you cannot arrive at a virtual meeting or why you need to arrive late to a virtual meeting, you must communicate this to a supervisor as far in advance as possible. 

5. Utilising other features

Screen share is an excellent tool to utilise during video conferences. When participating in virtual meetings, remember to use visual cues just like you would in an in-person business meeting. By sharing your screen with other meeting participants, you can show them web pages, documents, presentations, videos, and other important tools. These tools are highly effective to use in addition to the dialogue. 

6. Understand the importance of virtual meetings.

When executed correctly, virtual business meetings are just as effective as in-person business meetings. Some people see virtual business meetings as less important obligations than their in-person meetings. This is a mistake. Especially as businesses move forward into a more technology-minded future, virtual meetings will become more and more so the norm in the workplace. You should plan for virtual meetings just as thoroughly as in-person meetings and take them just as seriously as well. 

7. Technical glitches

Technical difficulties happen. Even with the best audio and visual solutions possible employed, virtual meetings will experience glitches at times. Sometimes audio or video will be spotty because a user has a poor internet connection. If someone is experiencing a technological difficulty, you should let them know as soon as possible so that they can attempt to move forward. 


Virtual meetings are a great way for clients, coworkers, and supervisors to stay connected. By following these tips, you can organise and participate in virtual meetings more successfully. This will allow you to get more done and look more professional in the workplace.