Water Features: Adding Value, And Beauty, To Your Property

When deciding on a water fixture, consider several factors — including the size of your property, how you plan to use your property overall, and what you want out of a water fixture. Are you looking for a small feature such as a fountain or birdbath, or are you considering a koi pond or even a larger pond for fishing, swimming, and other recreation? 

Water features come in a variety of types, including ponds, fountains, streams and waterfalls. Ponds run the gamut from small, ornamental ones to larger options that can include waterfall and stream features as well as fish and other wildlife. A reflecting pool is a pond that is designed to be decorative and is often the central feature of a garden. An ornamental pool is also designed with aesthetics in mind and includes a water element such as a fountain. A water garden, as the name implies, includes a variety of aquatic plant life. Others, often usually larger ponds, might contain fish and various wildlife. 

Whatever you decide, a water feature could improve your property value and the enjoyment you take in your home. In a commercial setting, it can enhance the look of your building. The accompanying resource describes more about some popular water features.