Ways To Save on Facility Operating Costs

Ways To Save on Facility Operating Costs

Finding innovative solutions to spending dilemmas is among the most difficult challenges a facility manager can face. Have no fear; we’re here to help. Here is a list of excellent ways to save on facility operating costs.

Proactive, Not Reactive

The best thing you can be when it comes to saving time and money is proactive. Facilities that rely on reactive maintenance experience more downtime and lost hours because they address problems after they’ve caused you to shut down production.

Instead, focus on proactive maintenance and conduct frequent inspections of your equipment. When a belt is looking worn, don’t wait for it to break. Replacing it immediately prevents downtime—especially if you have a maintenance crew that works while the facility is not in operation.

Invest in Expertise

Maintenance staff typically have specific areas of expertise, and that’s good. Having three experts with HVAC systems, lighting, and equipment will give your facility better care than one person who has a general understanding of everything. It may mean paying more staff, but the result is expertise that will reduce long-term costs.

Use a BAS

A building automation system, or BAS, allows you to keep an eye on your operations and energy consumption. You’ll be able to see HVAC data, security information, and energy usage, so you’ll know where you’re spending the most money to nip unnecessary costs in the bud.

Your HVAC system is probably using the most energy, so make sure that all air ducts are properly sealed and insulated.

Upgrade Security Lights

Dusk-to-dawn security lights are a massive money-saver, and they make operations easier. Once installed, you can remove an item from the opening and closing checklist, as these lights automatically kick on when ambient lighting decreases and shut off at sunrise.

Never again will energy bills rise because someone forgot to turn the lights off when they came in five days in a row.

With these ways to save on facility operating costs, you’ll see increased efficiency and lower energy bills. Start changing your facility for the better today!