What Are the Difficulties Faced by Property Maintenance Companies?

There are challenges in running a property maintenance business. No matter how complicated the project is, the most important challenges don’t always happen on a day-to-day basis. It is important to make sure your field staff has the right equipment for each day and that they have the right specialists on call when needed. What happens before, after, and behind the scenes of a successful project? 

It’s crucial that your property maintenance business has effective lines of communication between office and field operations. This blog explores the top 5 challenges common to property maintenance businesses. 

Paper Documents

Property details, checklists, payment records, and employee records are some of the records property maintenance companies keep. Paper documents and files are usually what you find in these records. There is always a chance that these documents could be lost or accidentally destroyed. 

A lot of businesses use Microsoft and other tools. Project records can be kept using a single piece of software. It is easy to integrate existing documents into an accessible admin system.

Communication Issues between field and office staff

On an ongoing project, staff may be required to communicate with agents. Field staff will need a communication channel that allows them to communicate with people at the office. A delay in decision-making may be caused by the lack of effective real-time communication channels. The quality of work done on-site can be impacted by this.  

Data Management

Many businesses store important data on one central machine or server, but this is an outdated way of managing data. If your business doesn’t utilize cloud services for important data, you will be left behind. Storage capacity improves with the cloud, which has multiple ‘virtual servers’, rather than one. An obvious benefit is that cloud services can help businesses scale up or manage multiple projects without the risk of lag or jitter. You can avoid issues that can come from overloading cramped servers with too much information.

Most businesses have woken up to the fact that it’s much easier to access data when it’s stored on cloud-based, user-friendly systems; they can store large amounts of data and retrieve it from where it is securely hosted over the Internet. 

Time Management

Property maintenance businesses may want to take on more work without significantly scaling up their team and resources. One obstacle to this is time.


Sometimes clients will request unscheduled maintenance, especially when a previously unknown fault is detected. This may present problems for property maintenance companies. If they can’t immediately determine what the existing schedule looks like, or if there’s anyone in the field team available to take on the job.


These are just some of the challenges property maintenance companies face. Many businesses are turning to cloud-based technology to help them overcome difficulties around time, data, and multitasking. Cloud-based tools will directly benefit the property maintenance industry, in particular.