What I Learned About Personal Development From My T25 Workout

Shaun T T25 workout

Have you ever tried to improve a skill, or break a bad habit only to get frustrated at your lack of progress?  I have tried and failed more than once to stick to an exercise regime.  I have finally found one that really works for me and produces great results.  I realized that the steps to success with this workout is the same that I have applied to my personal development.

What Rules did I apply that helped me achieve better results?

Here are 5 key steps in trying to improve any skill or in trying to accomplish a goal:

Make sure your Why is strong

I first tried working out 3 years ago.  I had gained 70 pounds during my last pregnancy, lost most of it naturally but still was 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.  My husband bought an elliptical machine and I exercised 45 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week for 3 straight months.  I despised it every time and those 45 minutes were incredibly long.  In total, I lost 0.8 pounds, got discouraged and stopped.  I was doomed to fail from the start because I was not sold on the Why I had to work out.  This time when I started Shaun T’s T25 program, I was fully committed and had a desire to succeed for the benefits of myself and my family.

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Commit your Goals in Writing and Have a Clear Plan –

The Focus T25 workout program comes with a detailed and very clear plan on which exercise you should do each day.  There is no guess-work on my part, the plan is all laid out.  There is even an area where you can follow-up on your measurements and weight.

Personal Development is similar.  If you have a goal in mind, write it on paper before you set it in motion.  Develop a clear plan of each step you will have to take in order to achieve your desired results.

Learn from others and be open to Constructive Feedback –

What I like about the program is there are usually 4 other people apart from Shaun T performing the exercise.  Depending on the exercise I am doing, I watch the person that I feel is performing the exercise the best and then I try to emulate.

If you want to develop a skill or improve on something, invest in learning from others.  In today’s world, it is so easy to take advantage of what others have learned through Books, Seminars, and Blogs.  Find people in your community that have succeeded in the area you want to improve on and talk to them.  Be open to their constructive feedback and have an open mind.

Consistency + Focus + Small Actions every day = Results

There is a reason it is called Focus T25.  You will need to focus every day you do a workout.  Some exercises will challenge you and sometimes you feel like giving up, but remember your WHY from the beginning.  Keep FOCUS on the end result.

This program was tailored for people who felt they did not have time to work out.  It only requires 25 minutes a day.

Is that enough to see results?

Remember my results from the elliptical machine? 0.8 pounds in 3 months.  Well, I am on my 3 cycle (Gamma) and on my 13th week in the program. Total weight loss, 14 pounds.  It is not the amount of time I invested in the workout but the FOCUS I bring to the work out.

[bctt tweet=”“It is in the small actions every day, consistently applied that bring results. No matter what” – Elita Torres”]

Have an Accountability Partner

Share your goal with someone you know will support you and be there for you during the hills you will most probably have to climb.  Sometimes knowing someone is following up on your goals, gives you that extra drive to keep going.

I have been lucky to have my husband who performs the workouts with me.  Having someone share the journey with me has made a huge difference.  You cannot have someone on the same journey with every goal but knowing someone cares enough to keep track can make a difference.

“Keep it Going, Keep it Pushing, Move Up” – Shaun T


Let me know in the Comments, which key you feel is the most important.

** Please note that I have no affiliation with the T25 program and receive no commissions for my review or subsequent clicks to their site.  I am simply a very satisfied customer.


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