What Is The Salary In Digital Marketing?

The digital advertising sector is rumoured to be rising at breakneck speed. It has one of the highest-paying online marketing wage offers and is among the most sought-after career pathways in the world.

Is this correct? Because every organization across every sector is increasingly reliant on the technological realm for sustained profitability, the digital advertising sector, beyond a doubt, pays the bills more than other positions at around the same field of skills.

Companies are increasingly reliant on online platforms for the majority of their operations, particularly ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, and therefore the reach of online marketing has expanded even more. As a result, the number of positions available and the wages provided increased.

Therefore, unless you want to work in this fast-paced, rigorous, innovative, and difficult sector, you’ve come to the perfect place! This article will examine online marketing wages in 2022 for various online marketing job positions. There are also some views into the talents required for each profession.

Manager of Internet Marketing.

Online marketing professionals design and execute a company’s whole online presence. They use every digital advertising platform for advertising a company’s products and services with the primary objective of growing sales at a low cost. An online marketing executive must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and speed on the latest digital marketing techniques.

Salary of an Internet Advertising Manager.

In India, an Internet Advertising Manager (entry-level) is approximately 5,48,755. A Senior Online Marketing Manager with upwards of 5-9 years of expertise throughout India earns between Rs 7,09,800 and Rs 10,00,000.

Primary Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager.

  • Plan and keep track of the company’s internet persona.
  • Possessing the capacity to operate data-driven research.
  • Required to complete email campaigns and evaluate them.
  • On all channels, create and maintain organic and paid internet initiatives.
  • You may use Website analytics software to track and report on the success of all online marketing operations.
  • You should update current tactics to reflect recent digital developments.
  • Maintain relationships among organizations and other providers.

What does a digital marketer make?

The typical online marketing wage is between $3,000 and $20,000 per year. As previously said, your online marketing pay is determined by your skillset, knowledge, and company size. Data research, sponsored social media platforms, search engine optimization, email campaigns, keyword research, and graphic marketing are among the major required expertise of an online marketer. In India, the average monthly income for newcomers in online marketing is around Rs. 21,585.

Salary Guideline for Digital Marketers: A 10-Year Forecast.

We’ve laid out using a 10-year strategy based on years of expertise for the advantage of our readers. Here’s how much you can anticipate earning in online marketing in the future years:

Experiences.Occupational Title.Monthly Salary Ranges
Three to six monthsInterns- internshipRs 5000-10,000
First yearExecutiveRs 15,000-20,000
Second-year Senior ExecutiveRs 30,000-40,000
Third-yearAssociate LeadRs 45,000-50,000
Four yearsTeam LeadRs 50,000-60,000
Five yearsAssociate ManagerRs 65,000-80,000
Six to ten years Manager/ C-suitRs 1,00,000 plus

After learning about the many career responsibilities and online marketing incomes available, we hope that it will be possible to ascertain which position is right for you.


We think that this blog has given you a better idea of whether or not you would like to pursue this vocation. Whereas the online marketing pay is a significant plus, there are numerous additional advantages to a digital marketing job that have attracted many trainees and young professionals.