What To Look For In Candidates For Digital Marketing Positions


Hiring new employees to fill a dynamic and demanding position can be a difficult task at times, but nothing too impossible to pull off if you have some idea of what to look for.

The thing is, other than a well-written CV with some interesting entries in it, it’s important that you, as the employer, should take a look at other parameters of a new potential employee, such as their past projects, as well as their overall demeanor.

In this article, we are going to write about what sort of parameters you should look for in candidates for marketing positions, so you can have an easier time hiring the right sort of folk for your company, and thus being able to further your corporate goals faster and more efficiently. As you will see, finding the right person for the job comes down to assessing the set of skills that they have, their employment history, as well as how well this person would ‘click’ with your team.

Here’s the deal.


No matter how well-versed the candidate is for the job you’re considering them for, chances are – there are some aspects of it that they’re not familiar with yet.

So, even if they turn out to be a perfect fit for the company, ensuring that they’re adaptable enough to be able to easily learn whatever skills they might be missing for the position they’re applied for is essential for preventing any potential problems down the road.

Perhaps more importantly, great adaptability skills will not only help with the immediate settling in, but will be a valuable skill in the long run for your company. As you know, digital marketing is a category that tends to change fairly rapidly, so a person hoping to succeed in it has to be able to learn new software tools and navigate through the Internet with ease if you mean to keep up with the times and succeed in doing business.

In general, some of the successful companies operating in the field of SEO and digital marketing, all make sure that their new employees are well-aware of the rapidly-shifting market and that adaptability and the willingness to learn is what it takes to succeed in it. The SEO Company from Sydney would be an example of such an approach to hiring new people.

Past Work Samples

One of the biggest existential banes, so to speak, for many a young employee would be the fact that employers expect them to have a certain level of experience in the field they would work in – but how can you have experience if this is your first job?

Well, that’s fairly rough, but if there are any young people looking for jobs here, here’s a word of advice – you can showcase your skills you have by doing a personal project or volunteering. The important thing is that the employer can see that you’re able to do what they’re asking of you.

Anyway, as an employer, what you want to see are work samples where the candidate has shown initiative, creativity, and energy in completing a certain task. These three are the skills that will be valuable for your company, as no amount of fancy titles in the CV are ever going to replace a good past work sample.

Finding a Culture Fit

The thing about companies nowadays that deal in digital marketing and similar online content-creating pursuits is that they operate in small teams where people work closely together towards a common goal. Now, to be able to continue doing this, the folks in the office need to be comfortable with each other, so finding someone who will easily be accepted by the team right off the bat is of great importance for long term cooperation.

Also, there’s a thing called office culture, too, so finding a candidate who has a similar sense of humour and is possibly a part of a similar demographic (young college graduates, for example) can be a great way to ensure they will easily slide into the current team, so to speak. For example, Japanese companies are well-known for intentionally hiring college graduates that all come from the same college, or that have gone to lectures together, so that they can have an easier time fitting in.

Listening Skills

One thing you should pay attention to during the interview with your candidate is how good their listening skills are. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re looking for a subservient employee, but it does mean that this candidate should be able to listen to your suggestions on how to perform certain tasks, as well as to be able to process the data you present to them and come up with a solution.

Great listening skills also mean that your employees are displaying patience and tranquility, which means that they’ll be able to tackle adversity more efficiently than candidates who tend to stress out over too much over the tasks you give them.

We’re not saying that you should discard a candidate just because they’re nervous, of course, but being able to listen to your instructions is always an important skill that will easily translate positively to other work tasks you set before them.

All in all, finding a perfect candidate nowadays can be a difficult task, but if you make sure to take your time and concoct an interview and a hiring process that will filter in only the best people with all the aforementioned skills, you can rest assured you’ll be in the position to employ the best suitable folks for your company.