What You FOCUS on Expands #5MinMotivation


Wherever you look, there is someone giving you information about something bad or discouraging that is happening in the world.  After all, it is FEAR and SHOCK that sell news.   Whether it is about Politics, Business or World Events, chances are, you are flooding yourself with negativity.  There is a saying that what you focus on expands.  What are you being intentional about?


It is not always about the news.  At home, what are you choosing to let in?


My Mom, who I adore likes to one up any story that happens.  If someone has a headache, she mentions the migraine she had a month prior.  An eye infection?  She talks about her Glaucoma.


It is hard to change your habits and where you mind automatically drifts to unless you make a conscious choice to do so today.  Then, every day after.


You can choose to believe in the following quotes found on the web:


“To be the BEST, forget the REST”


“Number 2 is number 1 LOSER”


“There are no Gentlemen in anything competitive – You want to Win” – Len Goodman


“The best things in life are actually really expensive”


“The first step towards failure is trying”


Or, you can choose to focus and believe on other philosophies.  You can choose to BELIEVE in yourself.  That by helping others, you are adding value to the world and will reap even more rewards than if you tried to go it alone.


That to be the best, you don’t forget the rest.  That by helping others rise above, you rise with them.


Choose what will occupy your thoughts and actions.  In the beginning, it won’t be easy.  Changing your habits never are.  Walk away from the negative and FOCUS your energy on what CAN be possible.


It’s up to you.  Feed your mind every day with what is possible.



Our lives can get pretty hectic and it can be easy to get lost in our actions. When we are so focused on what is ahead, we forget to pause, reflect and find ways to energize our minds. These 5-minute motivation posts are meant to give you that recharge. The goal is to give you a 5-minute Vitamin for your mind through quotes, posts and videos. It is also meant to challenge your thinking and inspire you to take action.

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