Checklist for Creating An Amazing App [Infographic]


Is there an App for that?  Nowadays, no matter which industry you are in, chances are your consumers are expecting you to ease the transition between what you have to offer and the end user.  Applications are a great tool that is becoming a vital step to your customer relationship management.  However, building an app can be a complicated process.  The Infographic below helps you to create an amazing app.


During a Director’s conference, one of the team projects we had to do was present a customer service process that integrated how today’s consumers shop.  My team came up with the concept of an app to make the shopping experience easy and more engaging.  Our team did not know where to begin.  Luckily, we partnered with the IT department that helped us through the process.


When you are dealing with a project that involves several key steps, having a mind map or checklist to guide you can ensure that you don’t forget a critical part.


If you are serious about building an app, the following checklist created by AppPartner is a great starting point.  App Partner is a Brooklyn-based mobile app developer specializing in the design, development, and deployment of apps for iOS and Android.  They offer end-to-end mobile services from branding and strategy through coding, testing, and post-launch optimization and consulting.


Checklist for Creating an Amazing App

Checklist for Creating an Amazing-Looking App created by App Partner
Key steps include:


  1. Be Balanced


  1. Be Readable


  1. Be Colorful


  1. Be Consistent


  1. Be Useable


  1. Be Responsive


You can use this checklist to help make the App user-friendly and most importantly, to get the end user to keep it on their mobile device.  Don’t invest your time and money on the creating of an app only to find out that it is missing one of the above steps.