When Being Number One Is Not Enough?


I am all for some healthy competition.  In my career, I have often measured my performance against others as a yard stick to determine how I am doing.  I have strived and reached number one with several of the companies I have worked for.  When I left HBC, I was the number one KPI ranking store in the company, and even received 3 trophies for my accomplishments.  Currently, my district is ranked number 1 QTD and YTD in the region, with one-quarter left to go.

I realize however that often I find the journey to being number one much more gratifying than the title itself of finishing number one.  It reminds me of a quote from Jim Rohn “become a millionaire, not for the millions, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.”


[tweetthis]”Strive to be number one. Not for the title, but for the skills you will need to win”. – Elita Torres #success[/tweetthis]


There are several factors that might come into play when a person finishes number one once:
  •  They might have recently inherited a winning team
  • They might be up against a poor performance from a previous year
  • They might be in a high growth market
  • Or, they might be number one in a poor performing sector. You can be number one but still be below your target.

Instead of aiming for being number one, aim to enhance the competencies it will take to become a number one player.


Work on developing the skills required to achieve success :
  •  A growth mindset
  • A passion for learning
  • A desire to help others and enhance their skills. The more you help others win, the more often you will win.
  • A results driven focus
  • The ability to see failures as learning opportunities and an optimistic attitude
  • Organizational skills with a clear vision of your goals


If developing your skills and enhancing your abilities becomes your focus, you will find yourself on the podium more often.

Which do you think is more important, the journey to become number one or the title itself?