It’s The Little Things That Make The Difference

If you make sure that you are focusing on the little things, you won’t have to rely on big things to get you out of trouble.  Most of the times, it is the little things that make the difference.

During a recent cruise, I had mentioned to one of the crew members that my kids loved the towel animals that they make.  When we arrived that night, on our bed was not 1 but 3 towel animals.  The Stateroom Stewart did not have to take the extra effort it took to surprise my sons.  However, the look on my boys was priceless.  You can also be sure that I will use this as an example of the great service we received from the Norwegian Breakaway.

It also got me to thinking about how the little things can add up quickly to make a BIG difference.  These are the deposits or withdrawals in the emotional bank account that can create the biggest impact.

Sometimes we rely on the big moments to make an impact in our lives.  The birthday, anniversary or promotion that we take the time to plan.  What about the every day moments?  There are more chances in our lives to make the little differences and these can add up to a huge deposit.

Doing homework with your child

Shutting off electronics and all distractions during a meal

Offering to clean up after supper

Volunteering for that project without being asked at work

Planning a week-end getaway with the family

There are so many more examples that I am sure you can come up with.  Most of the time, the little things are simply about taking the time to perform a little act of kindness, an acknowledgement of appreciation, or just some quality time with another.

What action can you do today that requires little effort but can make a big impact to someone in your life?


What difference do you want to make today?