Why Businesses Use the Extrusion Process

Why Businesses Use the Extrusion Process

Metal fabrication comes in many forms, one of which is extrusion. Many businesses rely on extrusions for a wide range of workplace materials. In fact, if you’re at the office, there’s a good chance you’re near or using extrusions right now. Let’s delve into exactly why businesses use the extrusion process for building reliable materials.

An Intro To Extrusions

Typically, businesses themselves aren’t conducting the extrusion process. Instead, they seek the help of professional fabrication services to get the job done successfully. Extrusion involves taking materials such as aluminum or plastic, warming it up, and forcing it through a die. The die is specially designed to create a suitable profile for the client, whether they need it for a hospital bed frame, railings, or something else entirely.

Clients can alter the design of the die to adhere to specific workplace needs, making it perfect for custom building equipment. Extrusions are also popular because they are versatile and easy to assemble for modular framing systems. As a result, the modular system is easier to upgrade than a welded frame, the latter of which is a more permanent process.

Extrusion Applications

Aluminum extrusions are particularly useful for workplace materials because of the metal’s many benefits. Aluminum has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, which means it’s relatively lightweight but incredibly durable, nonetheless. Plus, aluminum extrusions excel in corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and electrical conductivity, each of which widens the applications you can use the extrusions for regularly.

When it comes to the specific structures that extrusions can create, the list is long. Depending on the material it’s made from, extruded profiles can help you build pipes, tables, desks, vehicle frames, window frames, light fixtures, elevator shafts, and many, many more. Automotive, aerospace, and construction are just a few of the many industries relying on extrusions for custom-built workplace equipment. In fact, due to the metal’s many benefits, the medical industry applications for aluminum extrusion are widespread in complex equipment and basic materials. 

As you can see, the reasons why businesses use the extrusion process comes down to convenience and quality. Building different materials from extruded frames is easy, quick, and cost-efficient. However, that speed, simplicity, and price don’t come at the cost of quality. Aluminum extrusions help the construction industry create lighter buildings while retaining structural integrity—this is only one of the many invaluable roles extrusions play in the workplace.