Why Personal Finance Management Is Important For Personal Development

Managing your finances is something you learn as you continue to grow as a person. It is something that we all need to have some knowledge of, no matter how much you earn. Additionally, early in your career, you will likely have little money because you make many mistakes which hurt your finances. It is the time when your money management skills need to be improved. 

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness and to some extent, they are right. However, it can buy you gifts for yourself, not to mention the necessities we need to stay alive. It also pays for our water and electricity. Both are essential to the quality of life. 

Helps You Understand Money More

Whether you get paid weekly or monthly, you will notice that money leaves your bank account as quickly as it goes in. That is the circle of life for money sadly. However, understanding the true value of money is a skill that very few have but essential.  

The first step to doing this is to read personal finance blogs. It is a great step towards making the right moves with your money. Although it won’t make you a millionaire, pay off your debts or buy a nice car. It will expand your overall knowledge and how money works for other people. 

Helps To Separate Your Spendings Into Savings

One of the issues with many people is that they don’t know when to put money into their savings. If you have a month when you have some cash left over, put it into a savings pot. Don’t just spend because you want to treat yourself. The more money you put into your savings, the more you can use this for other things such as a house deposit, a holiday or buying new shoes one month. 

If you struggle to put money away then don’t worry. Modern technology has made it a lot easier to create savings accounts. There are a few ways in which you can organise your finances. 

Create Another Bank Account

To ensure you put money into your savings, the first step is to create another bank account. You can do this online, over the phone or visit your bank in person. Ensure you look on the internet to see what companies offer the best interest rates for your savings account. 

Finance Apps

Another way to ensure you are putting money into a savings account is to use a finance app. Finance apps are a great way to manage your finances as well as create savings pots. Not to mention there are many to choose from; MoneyBox, Plum, Monzo, Emma and more. All of these are great to see how and where you are spending your money but more importantly, allow you to create savings accounts with cheap savings pots. 

Establish Financial Goals

Finally, you need to establish your financial goals. It is very important because if you don’t have any financial goals, you have nothing to work towards. Give yourself a number you want to see in your bank, for example, £1000 in your savings account. 

Set yourself long-term goals such as putting a deposit down for a house. It could be something smaller such as paying off your overdraft. No matter what it is, you need to ensure you have some goals to work towards. 


Once you have sorted out your finances, you will feel like you have improved overall. You will be in a mentally better position, not having to worry about money every night. If you have debts looming over your head, speak to a financial advisor. Maybe you need to get a debt relief order (dro) to get your finances back on track. There is no shame in doing this and if anything it will make you more financially stable in the long run.