Words from Fight Song to Keep you Going – #MondayMotivation


Ever had one of those days where everything seemed to be piling up?  Where Murphy’s Law was proven over and over throughout the day?  I had one of those days recently.  At the end of my day I was looking forward to going home.  When I entered my car, the song that was playing was, “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

There is power in the words of a great song and this song in that moment, gave me power.  It was what I needed to recharge and regain focus.  I began to review my day and started creating a plan to attack the next day.

In honor of #mondaymotivation, I wanted to share the lyrics that I felt resonated with me in those moments that helped me to prepare my “Fight” for the next day.




It is not the size of the step you take, it is that you keep taking those steps that matters.  Even the smallest boats send “Big Waves” into motion.  Even if your goals seem far away, or your results are not as immediate as you hoped, keep those actions going.  Your actions no matter how small, will add up to BIG results down the road.




Rachel Platten wrote the song after her publisher suggested that she tell her story of her struggles to make a hit.  The song tells her story of the many rejections that she received from record labels and the countless closed doors. Despite all of it, that tiny voice in her heart wouldn’t let her give up on her dreams.

There will be struggles that you will have to overcome.  Sometimes it’s not the voice in your head that you need to listen to but the voice in your heart.  Your heart is your passion and your inner fire.  Let that be your guide to keep you going.




The whole message is about the Power of Believing in Yourself and never giving up on your dreams.  It is about sidestepping challenges and not letting it defeat you.  The only person that needs to believe in your Dreams is YOU.

Never doubt, keep going.

What do you do when you need inspiration?