10 Ways To Increase Transparency In Your Business


Today, both customers and employees expect much more transparency from businesses than before.  Employees want to work for companies who have the right values and customers are more loyal to customers that they can connect with.  Employees want to work for businesses that they trust and customers want to shop with companies they trust.  Transparency in your business is an important step in building that trust.


I used to work for a company who hid almost everything from their employees.  Sometimes, I used to read about big changes that happened in the press before hearing it from my employers.  I still remember how frustrating that was.


If this ever happened to you than you can probably relate.


It is also not enough to be open with your employees.  Customers demand transparency as well and when they feel you lacked communicating something they should have been aware up, you can lose their business forever.


What is happening in Facebook right now is a perfect example of what happens when companies choose not to divulge the whole truth.


Businesses can’t be transparent about every area of their business to either their employees or customers.  However, the more they know the more they trust you and will buy into your vision.


The following infographic shows 10 ways to increase transparency in your business.  It is divided into transparency with your employees and transparency with your customers.


Promoting Transparency Internally


  • Keep Your Doors Open
  • Encourage Sharing in Meetings
  • Be Clear with Employees
  • Use Social Media Responsibly
  • Flatten Your Organization


How to Make Your Business More Transparent to Customers


  • Keep Communications Open
  • Always Be Honest
  • Respond in a Timely Fashion
  • Own Up to Your Mistakes
  • Show Your Appreciation


As this Infographic shows, transparency is more than just sharing everything.  What can your business do today to increase trust in your culture?


Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent

Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent created by Track Your Truck.