2 Important Core Beliefs That Will Help You Achieve Success [Video] #5MinMotivation

core beliefs

There are many beliefs that you may currently hold.  Beliefs are shaped by our environment, culture and religion.  Some beliefs propel you further towards your goals while other deter you.  It is your core beliefs that create the base for all your other beliefs.


Beliefs can be so strong that they can cause wars, break-ups or problems in business.


This post is about two core beliefs that you should work hard to adopt if they are not already present.  These beliefs though simple, are powerful and necessary to achieve long-term success.


What are they?


Believe In Joy and Believe in Yourself.


Simple?  Of course.  Also, nothing you haven’t heard of before.  Yet, so many people fail to adopt them.  It is our limiting beliefs and doubt in ourselves that prevent these core beliefs from becoming strong.


The mind is a muscle and if you exercise it with inspiring words, videos or messages, you will strengthen your power thoughts and weaken your limiting thoughts.


The following video from Evan Carmichael shares the importance of these two messages.  I have to also say how humbled I was that Evan gave me a shout out towards the middle of the video for buying his new book, “Your One Word”.  I am honored that someone who I have been listening to for a long time took the time to appreciate one of his fans.

#Believe in JOY – John Travolta – #Entspresso



“Chronic self-doubt is a symptom of the core belief, “I’m not good enough.”  We adopt these types of limiting beliefs in response to our family and childhood experiences, and thy become rooted in the subconscious.  We have the ability to take action to override it.” – Lauren Mackler


You will also hear great talks from other Entrepreneurs.


John Travolta’s Life Advice
Vin Diesel Interview
Snoop Dogg: “Find Peace Within Yourself.”

Believe in Yourself – Jack Canfield’s Success Tip 
Chris Guillebeau: “The Happiness of Pursuit”  


Believe in Joy:


“I think you learn by your failures and you learn from your mistakes.  But you don’t take them to heart, because as soon as you do, it takes the spirit out of you.  You die a little bit.”

“Look, the world is dark.  You look over your shoulder, it’s bad news.  You look in the newspaper, it’s bad news.  It’s easy to find the darkness.”  – John Travolta


I love John’s point about joy being more work.  Negative is easy.

Tell yourself today that, “Easy is not you.”  Find the joy.


How do you find the joy?  Seek it.  Travolta made a great suggestion about using the spirit of other people.  People feed off other people’s energy.  Whose energy are you around?


“If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.” – Steve MaraboliUnapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


Believe it will work out or you get caught with your tires spinning in the mud.


How often have you asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?”  or “When will this get better?”  Stop waiting for an answer.  Take the actions necessary to avoid you ever having to ask those questions again.


Evan says, “Change your questions and you will get better answers”.


Believe in Yourself:


Another important core belief is the power of believing in yourself.  Unfortunately, there is a shortage of this belief in the world.  It can get easily weakened by obstacles that one can face on a daily basis.  Failures that can make one get easily discouraged and question one’s belief in themselves.


[tweetthis]“Don’t ever let someone take you out of your mind state” Snoop Dogg[/tweetthis]


“If you are going to be successful in building the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen.  You have to believe that you have the right stuff and that you’re able to pull it off.   Whether you call it self esteem, self confidence, or self assurance, it’s a deep seeded belief that you have what it takes.  Believing in yourself is simply an attitude.  Believing in yourself is a choice.”  Jack Canfield


It is not always the most talented or skilled person that succeeds.  Often, it is the one who believes that anything is possible.  That believe is so strong that they are willing to put the effort, energy and time needed to turn the dream into a reality.  To work harder than anyone else.


Create the experiences you want by believing you can.


“If you have this crazy idea, you must believe in it even though no one else does.”  Chris Guillebeau


Just keep going.


What are some of your core beliefs?


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