The Impact Of Health On Productivity [Infographic]


The quest to increase productivity is a goal that remains a priority for many.  I have downloaded free and paid apps and software with the intent to improve my efficiency.  I was hoping to find the magic formula that would increase the effectiveness of my task management.  I never even stopped to think how my health has been impacting my productivity.


Have you ever been in a meeting right after a high carb lunch?  How hard was it to focus?


If you are trying to increase the number of important tasks you get accomplished, it may be as simple as focusing first on your health.


The following Infographic presented by ZeroCater summarizes key statistics on the impact of Health on Productivity.


Some alarmingly key statistics are:


  • 66% reduced performance among employees with poor diets versus those who regularly eat whole grains, fruits, and veggies.


  • 50% reduced performance among employees who only exercise occasionally versus those who exercise regularly. Imagine how that percentage increases for those who don’t exercise at all.


  • 28% reduced productivity among employees who smoke versus non-smokers.


  • 77% of productivity loss that is attributable to health-related factors.


  • $63.2 Billion estimated annual cost to U.S businesses for lost productivity attributed to sleep deprivation alone. This is a startlingly high amount.  As a business owner, encouraging your employees to maintain healthy habits will have a direct and positive impact to your bottom line.


  • 90% of business leaders agree that wellness directly impacts employee performance and productivity.


Where do you begin?  By encouraging a health conscious culture.  The infographic gives some suggestions on where to start.


How Health Impacts Productivity created by ZeroCater. A company that offers corporate breakfast catering to a variety of cities around the United States.


What’s the first step you can take to improve your personal health? As a leader, what process can you put in place to create a work environment that encourages health?