7 Ways To Create Content That Will Attract Backlinks in 2020


Search engines are constantly evolving. If previously purchased links helped to bring the site to the TOP of search results, now, in the era of Google Penguin, it becomes easier to determine when unnatural methods of obtaining backlinks are used to promote the site.

Both algorithms identify sites that are using SEO links for search engine promotion and pessimize them in search results. Thus, if you do not build a link strategy ineptly, you risk losing traffic from organic search engine results.

An alternative to buying SEO links is getting links by creating quality content that people will want to link to. These few tips will help you figure out exactly how to create exceptional content that will attract links.

Website promotion with content – three “FOR”

People tend to link to quality content from their own websites, social media, forums, etc.

Pages that contain useful information attract significantly more users and encourage the audience to link to your site.

Useful content builds trust in you in your niche/industry and helps you become an authority figure for users.

How do backlinks work?

Links that are directed to your site are called backlinks. The number of backlinks indicates the level of popularity and importance of the site.

What tasks do backlinks help solve?

1. getting targeted traffic: if the link is posted on a thematic site with good traffic, then it will definitely bring new customers;

2. setting the dynamics of the link profile: backlinks indicate that your site is constantly developing, they are linking to it;

3. bringing to the first positions of search engine results for LF, MF queries: everyone wants to be in the TOP because this is a guarantee of a stable flow of visitors and orders;

4. creating a positive image of the company: the more links and mentions a person will see on authoritative sites, the higher his loyalty will be. It is formed in the subconscious.

Search engines trust sites with a high-quality link profile more – they are considered more reliable than others and are brought to the first positions in search results.

Trust (authority) of the site – the basis for choosing a link donor.

The credibility (trust) of a site is understood as the degree of trust in it from the search engine.

What affects the credibility of the site:

the quality and volume of correct backlinks;

share of branded traffic;

traffic volume;

domain name history;

site citation on other well-known sites.

It is not the quantity but the quality of the backlinks that matter. Backlinks from low-quality donor sites in the long term only work to the detriment of the promoted site.

How to choose link donor sites?

subject: the subject of the donor site must match the subject of your site. Search engines, in particular Google, are positive about backlinks from related sites;

authority: the higher the level of trust in the donor site, the greater the weight of the received link;

region: it is desirable that the donor is in the same region with you, especially for regional service sites, but this is an ideal combination;

the presence and volume of advertising: constantly pop-up banners indicate that the site is trying to monetise as much as possible and investments in it may be unjustified;

social activity: there should be comments, likes and shares of the articles If this is not the case, then, most likely, the site was created solely as a donor for links and that’s not so good;

and one of the most important criteria is traffic, audience. The presence of an audience and its positive dynamics indicate that the site is developing and it is interesting to people.

Choose topics that will automatically attract links for you

Content on a controversial topic around which people will debate.

Non-trivial life hacks that solve pressing problems.

Detailed instructions for beginners in your topic: using a product/technology, a step-by-step algorithm of work, setting up something.

Content using memes, pictures, videos, gifs or infographics. Several sources where you can find them:

thematic publications in social networks;

It is convenient to search for infographics on Pinterest;

Constant blogging or prompt publication of posts about fresh interesting events will allow you to become a primary source for other sites, online media and get links to your materials. Publish content on sites like reddit.com or Quora that users love.

Virtual events

One of the best content for attracting backlinks and new audience in 2020 is interaction with your existing audience by organising interesting virtual events. Nowadays, in this crazy time, when everything has changed and nothing is certain – the best way to gain interest and trust of your target audience is to entertain them, give them information and engage them into the content. And there is no better way to do that than to make regular events on your site. Pick interesting topics, good video service and go ahead. You will notice a difference in no time.


Interesting and engaging content can become a growth point for your business due to:

attracting links, and therefore better ranking in search engines;

increasing loyalty and attracting new customers; the strategy of openness and dissemination of knowledge will not go unnoticed;

lead generation – a corporate blog will be able to generate a constant stream of orders for you.