7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at an Interview


Thriving in a particular job doesn’t just require talent and skill. It also requires values and good performance. This is what behavioral interviews are for. It is done so that potential employers may analyze how talent has performed in the past and how they will perform in the future. As they say, one of the best ways to predict the future is to look into history.

We understand how the experience itself can be nerve-wracking, but there are ways to ace the interview such as the tips that we’ll be sharing below.

Be Punctual and Show Respect

It is not enough to “be on time”. Most companies have a time and attendance system with pinpoint accuracy. Hence, make a great first impression to show up to your interview at least half an hour before your schedule. It will also help calm your nerves and prepare further.

Practice Good Manners and Body Language

Be confident, but don’t be obnoxious. Be polite and communicate courteously by listening attentively to what the interviewer is saying before answering or responding. Finally, try to practice a more “open” body language as much as you can. For instance, don’t cross your arms during an interview. It’s a sign that you’re not very receptive or you’re hiding something. Instead, sit up straight, lean forward slightly, place your hands in a comfortable position, and don’t forget to smile.

Respond Truthfully to the Questions Asked

It won’t do you any favors to hide things. Instead, you will only hurt your chances of getting your employer disappointed if there’s something he eventually finds out through their background screening. Aside from that, your interviewer will also notice if you’re just pulling yourself up with nothing to support yourself with.

Keep Your Answers Concise and Focused

To be truthful is not the same as being tactless, though. It’s also a sign of being ill-mannered. Hence, the best way to express yourself is to keep your answers focused and concise. As an added bonus, doing so also shows wit and intelligence.

Tie Your Answer Back to the Job Role

Remember, you are being interviewed because you are applying for a particular role. Thus, keep all your answers related to the position that you are applying for. At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer why you are being asked certain questions if you feel that it’s unrelated to the role as well, particularly if you’re not comfortable in answering them.

Do Not Speak Negatively About Your Previous Employers

It makes sense to think that speaking negatively about their competition can give you an edge, but honestly, it won’t. It will only cast you in a negative light; as a person who badmouths people from behind.

Send a Personalized Thank You Letter After the Interview

Finally, make a lasting impression by sending a thank you letter after the interview. It will show that you are thoughtful and that you appreciate the chance they have given you. Not to mention that it is also a strategic move to remind them of you.


These are certainly not the only ways to make a lasting impression during an interview, but the ones above can give you a good foundation to start with. In the end, what’s important is to remember that you can do the job. You won’t be called back for an interview unless the employer didn’t initially think so. The challenge now is to simply reinforce this belief and prove to your interviewer that they are right. You are perfect for the job. Good luck!

Meggie is an HR Manager at AMGtime and a passionate Freelance Writer with ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She is deeply convinced that valuable experience sharing is key to business success. Meggie believes in a win-win formula and utilizes it on a daily basis in staff management.