9 Tips To Becoming A Shero

When more women work, the economy grows. We know this for a fact and we also know that we need to empower women in order to grow their involvement across industries. We need women who are role models, lady bosses, or sheroes to inspire new generations of women to empower themselves. What makes a woman a shero and what does that even mean?

The term shero was coined during the suffrage movement in 1836 when women fought for their right to vote. We consider women who are idealized or admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities sheroes. Whether it is Greta Thunberg who is only a teenager devoting her life to stopping climate change or Arianna Huffington who has become one of the most accomplished businesswomen in history, these women are sheroes by definition. Their engagement is more crucial and relevant today than ever. Despite their devotion and success, these ladies can’t change the world by themselves. We need all women to come together as a collective, fighting for equal rights in order to see true change in the world.

To help you become your own shero, FTD has gathered nine tips from empowered women to set you in the right direction. From being authentic to practicing self-love and respect, the qualities that set sheroes apart from the crowd can be learned. Start small by letting these tips inspire you to become more like the women you admire and thank the sheroes in your life, your mother, sister, teacher, or colleague for leading by example. By lifting each other up, we can create a supportive community that females across the globe will benefit from.

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