Air Sanders Characteristics And Advantages

Air Sanders help surface polish workers accomplish the surface applications. Its role extends from heavy material removal from the outskirts of floor surfaces to complete the floor preparation with finer finishes. People can use such air sanders to polish a metal or wooden surface. 

Tools Range

The service ranges with Air Sanders include the following:

  • Orbital sanders.
  • Rotary sanders.
  • Belt sanders.
  • Pistol sanders.
  • Polishers.

Sanders have become handier, light-weight, and precise. With the development in application range, they have also worked behind getup. Thus, you are getting devices that are hard to discriminate from one piece to another.

Pneumatic Sanders

  • Plumbers prefer this for low price and more convenience.
  • The manufacturers have designed these for industrial and professional jobs.
  • The device comprises a well-dimensioned compressed air installation. It can measure up the other machines’ demand in the network.
  • Its lightweight and compactness have made it more user-friendly.
  • Despite being louder Air Sanders, the product seldom gets hot.
  • Plumbers use drip oil lubrication in the devices. They also ensure elimination of water drops or moisture. 
  • The device consumes significant amount of air, and you do not need to use any power sources. It can save your power consumption cost. Plus, air sanders can be used in remote place where electricity is not available. 
  • Pneumatic sanders equip higher resistance. These sanders are safe to use. 

Electric Sanders

These types of Air Sanders are equipped with electric power. These are usually heavy and large in size. Thus, it causes inconvenience for air sanding jobs on vertical surfaces.

Plumbers use the devices for outdoor work. You can start work with these devices in areas having an electric outlet.

  • Price of electric sanders is higher than pneumatic varieties.
  • With pneumatic sanders, you will have to be careful about power source maintenance. These devices require high amount of energy.
  • On the contrary, energy consumption for electric sanders is low.
  • Due to power installation, working with electric Air Sanders is not so safe,


  • Pneumatic sanders are greatest inventions in this cadre. These offer more resistance. Therefore, you can trust those with greater workloads.
  • The lightweight and compactness of these sanders help in smooth and correct handling. 
  • These devices create safer working environments too. Higher resistance eliminates sparking or short circuit issues. It is crucial in areas where the plumber sands varnished parts of the surfaces. It also goes with the chemical finishing processes.

Should You Opt For Pneumatic Air Sanders To Electric? Why?

Both pneumatic and electric sanders have their advantages. However, barring exceptions, plumbers prefer using the former devices.

There are reasons behind it. The important ones are:

  • The simple design of pneumatic sanders has left few wearable mobile parts. Therefore, the user seldom needs to invest behind repairing.
  • Strong resistance cause less heat radiation. Thus, the users enjoy better comfort with device handling.
  • Pneumatic sanders do not generate magnetic field interference. It enhances the work-level security.
  • The lightweight helps in better handling too. Besides, the workers do not get tired soon unlike the electric devices. It can increase the productivity level.
  • Pneumatic machines offer higher resistance. Thus, seldom these offer risks of fire or electric shocks. Therefore, workers handle the devices with much less fear.

The last word

Plumbers go for pneumatic varieties barring exceptional cases like outdoor works. The lightweight devices emit less heat. Therefore, you do not need to send a huge cost for its maintenance. You can give a safe working environment to your workers by using these sanders.