All You Need To Know About Residential Electric Service and Hiring Electrical Contractors

Residential electric circuits sound less complex and easy to install compared to commercial or industrial systems. But that doesn’t mean you can choose an electrical contractor for working on the residential circuit and appliance networks. Almost 97% of electrical companies provide residential services. Hence, you are going to have a difficult time choosing one name for your home. 

But that’s a story for another day because, in this article, we will discuss the various types of services provided by residential electrical contractors. If you think installing an appliance or repairing the switchboard or the plug output are the major electric services. You are just seeing a small part of a much bigger picture. 

From the discussion below, you will understand that several other works can be done in different types of residential structures by electricians. 

Security Camera And Alarm System Installation 

One of the most wanted electrical services related to residential places is installing security cameras and alarm systems. The security or CCTV camera installation process is mainly divided into two parts. Firstly, the task of setting up the cameras is done with proper interconnection. Secondly, the connection between all the cameras to the main control system is established.

Similarly, the electrical contractors work on installing the proper sensors for different types of alarms like intrusion or break-in alarms, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and others. These are interlinked and connected to the central security control system, which may or may not is connected to your phone. 

Residential Electric Cabling Installation And Repair 

Whether installing new electric cables or extending a circuit to new outlets or spots, cabling is a major service provided by almost all residential electrical contractors. The cabling service is like an umbrella that covers different service sub-categories like: 

  • Setting up of new coaxial or high-tension cables for different appliances
  • Repair of the old and outdated electrical cables and replacing them with new ones
  • Installation of LV cables overhead from the distribution center to the mains in your house 
  • Extending the existing cables to create new connecting or outlet points

Electrical Appliance Installation And Repair Services 

One of the major services provided by the residential electrical contractors is installing and repairing the appliances and appliance systems. Starting with installing the air conditioners to repair the motor inside the ceiling fan, the professionals are familiar with almost all the appliances. 

If you want some specific services like repairing electric water heaters or installing the HVAC system, you need to look for contractors who provide such services exclusively. However, the general contractors have basic knowledge about almost all the appliances used in domestic areas. 

Communication Line Set-Up And Installation 

Communication lines include the data lines, server lines, and even the routers done by electricians with specialization in communication and signal systems. If you want to hire a professional in this case make sure that the company is registered. This way, the company will make sure that you can access the satellite signals and have the data transmitted to your home. 

Also, after the installation is complete, the electrical contractors are responsible for ensuring that the systems are working fine. They will immediately change the cables or the transmission and receiving points in case the communication signals aren’t matching with your residential frequency. 

Residential Solar System Installation And Maintenance

Lastly, solar energy has become quite popular in the residential sector, which is why most electrical contractors nowadays have included this particular service in their list. The contractors are responsible for several works, from installing the solar panels in the correct direction to establishing a connection between them and the main electric supply channel. 


As you now can see, residential electricians do not just install and repair the appliances but also perform several other electrical circuits and systems. So, if you need a proper residential electric service, make sure to choose only the best electrical contractors.