An Approachable Guide to Help You Create a Minimalist Wardrobe for Your Partner

An Approachable Guide to Help You Create a Minimalist Wardrobe for Your Partner

The pandemic has made us all rethink some of our priorities and habits. If your partner has had to change jobs or has been under tons of stress, chances are that he doesn’t want to stress over clothes and accessories, too. Not everyone finds that exhilarating and relaxing at the same time, so it’s only natural that you can give a helping hand. No worries, we have you covered! Shoe enthusiasts are hard to please, and sometimes it is like an impossible task to find something they might like to put on. Well, you can impress them with a great pair of trainers while you teach them with a little history on the first under armour shoe. And there you go!

Ladies, if you want to do something special for your partner, and help him kick off this new year with a new look – why not help him create a capsule look that will match his personality? That is one of the most purposeful, authentic things you can do, especially if you are a natural at recognizing smart combinations and minimalist outfits that your partner would love and enjoy. 

Since it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you want to combine sustainability with minimalism as well as stick to a budget, we’ve come up with a plan. Use the following tips to make this process easier and define his capsule look in a heartbeat. 

Think and buy-in layers

Start with the very first and essential layer: underwear and socks. Although it’s not a particularly glamorous part of the process, it will give your man the perfect basis of comfort that he needs to then focus on other aspects of his wardrobe. Think of it this way: go for a pair per day of the week, plus two extra pairs, because socks and underwear have a tendency to disappear.

Choose quality eco-friendly materials such as cotton, wool, and linen. You can even go for a touch of luxury paired with sustainability with cashmere and bamboo if your man likes the look and feel of these materials.  

Versatility and purpose

Move on to the most essential pieces a man needs in his wardrobe, which includes plain button-down shirts, t-shirts, and one or two sweaters for colder weather. If he works in an office and takes regular meetings that call for this dress code, then it’s good to have a few white shirts in his selection, but other hues can be considered, too. Just pick the ones that he can combine with his suit and his jeans for less dressy occasions. 

The goal here is to find purposeful, comfortable items that can look simple and elegant, casual and formal alike, and that can be transformed with the right details and shoes. 

Accessories for some flair 

Minimalism calls for functionality as well as a clear idea as to the amount of clothing you need. That said, the same logic applies to his accessories. There’s no need for twenty different silk ties, but two can serve their purpose quite well. Especially if he’s not really much of a tie kind of man.

Then, use other accessories such as money clips for men that are both stylish and functional and that can make his outfit stand out during networking events. These clips are durable, elegant, and they will blend with his look perfectly no matter the occasion. Wrap it all up with a single watch and a pair of sunglasses, and he’ll be a happy man. 

The fabric makes a difference

Just like with your basics such as underwear, your partner needs the right choice of fabric for everything in his wardrobe. Why? Because even the neatest, most well-groomed man will have trouble with synthetic fibers that prevent his skin from breathing properly – smells will emerge, ladies. 

Not to mention that natural fabrics will last longer, look much more sophisticated even with regular items such as t-shirts, and they won’t release plastic residue into the water, further contributing to his sustainable lifestyle

Don’t forget his footwear

You know well that your own selection of footwear can make or break an entire ensemble. Naturally, your partner could use the same level of comfort and reliability when he’s about to head for a job interview, to dazzle a potential client, or to a Thanksgiving dinner with your family. 

So, in addition to his favorite pair of sneakers, your partner should have a few carefully selected pairs of shoes for different occasions. For example, black oxford shoes are ideal for a range of events, from weddings, job interviews, all the way to black-tie gala evenings. Then again, loafers are a classic choice, and easy to combine with a semi-casual wardrobe, too. Finally, a pair of winter-worthy boots are necessary not just for the sake of style, but comfort and health, so make sure to include them, too.

It might seem like a mission impossible, but when you get started, it will become clear to you what he will find most useful and how you can help the most. Follow the listed tips and trust that the minimalist look you come up with will help him define his appearance for his professional environment, but it will also make his life easier in general. When he has fewer, but more purposeful pieces, he’ll have no trouble mixing and matching to his heart’s content!