Apple’s FaceTime will Work on Android and PC via a Web Application — Revealed

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FaceTime is one of the essential video-calling applications that Apple has designed. With this iOS application, strengthening face-to-face communication has become easier. FaceTime offers a plethora of benefits for iPhone users, and now Android users can also use it. 

On June 7, 2021, during the WWDC event, Apple disclosed the availability of FaceTime. Moreover, desktop users can also access this high-end iOS application. But, the developers didn’t announce whether this application will be there in the Windows Store or Google Play Store. 

In the latest version of FaceTime, Apple has brought some significant changes to improve the user experience. You can now schedule video calls with the employees to notify them about the upcoming office meetings. But, the iOS and macOS need to initiate the video-calling process by sending the FaceTime’s link to the non-Apple users. You can share this link via any reliable messaging platform. But, make sure to have a stable internet connection while opening the video conference links. 

Once you tap on that link, a web browser-based app will open on the screen. From there, you can easily connect with the other members of the organization who own an iPhone. 

Do you want to know what else you can do with the updated version of FaceTime? Here are some of the advanced features the iOS, Android, and Windows users will get in FaceTime:

  1. Use the End-to-end Encryption Feature

Nowadays, most video calling applications come with end-to-end encryption options. With such a security feature, you can prevent online hackers from accessing FaceTime’s credentials. In WWDC, Apple announced that there would be an end-to-end encryption feature in the updated version of FaceTime. During the pandemic, a large number of people downloaded FaceTime to keep in touch with their family/friends. And, this has led to the importance of deploying such a security protocol in this video calling app.

Nowadays, many school or college-going students are also using FaceTime to attend online classes. For this reason, Apple emphasized enhancing the security measures of this useful app. So, make sure to update FaceTime to avail of this feature. And, if you are an Android or Windows user and unable to use FaceTime, contact the web development service experts.

  1. Look for the Spatial Audio Option

Have you heard about this feature before? No! Well, Apple’s developers have included spatial audio to improve both the audio quality and clarity. Because this feature aims at removing the background noise. By doing this, it aids in representing the user’s sound in a better way to the audience. 

Moreover, new microphone settings have also been added to this video calling app. It will help you to get crystal clear sound while using FaceTime in a crowded environment. 

  1. Connect with More People

You can also add more people to this iOS application as per Apple’s statement. Previously, the iOS and Mac device users got the option to opt for video conferencing with 32 people. And, now you can add more than that, but the actual number of that is still yet to be disclosed. 

But, it can be expected that you can add more than 32 people to the latest version of FaceTime. Wait a little bit more to get updates about this feature. 

  1. Go with SharePlay

Apple is planning to add a “SharePlay” button in FaceTime. If you are into game streaming, then you must have an idea about this feature. SharePlay was noticed in the game consoles, and now this feature is going to be on FaceTime as well. With this feature, both iOS and Android users can share the device screen. If you cannot fix any website error, simply sharing the screen can help you overcome this. You can now watch multiple movies or listen to songs with your friends by sharing the screen. 

Moreover, this feature contains a “Shared Control” feature. For this option, the users can start or pause the online content whenever they want. It also has a “Picture-in-picture Mode” option to check the friends/colleagues’ reactions. Apple has claimed that SharePlay might support renowned OTT platforms like Disney Plus or Hulu.

What are the Other Features the Users Might Expect to Get in FaceTime?

In WWDC, Apple has also talked about a few more features of FaceTime which are on the way. Apart from this cross-platform accessibility, you will get a Portrait Mode in this Apple-generated app. 

With this feature, you can blur the background, and Apple has designed this feature for focusing on the user’s face. After the iOS 15 update, the developers might add a FaceLift feature to improve the user’s appearance while video calling. So, explore the infinite possibilities by getting the FaceTime app on Android and desktops.