Beachside Bliss: Top Outdoor Rugs for Coastal Living

As you gaze out at the ocean waves rolling onto the shore, you take a deep breath of the salty sea air. 

You’re relaxed in your coastal backyard oasis with the sound of seagulls overhead. Your bare feet sink into the plush fibres of your outdoor rug, the perfect finishing touch to your beachside sanctuary. 

Coastal homes call for décor that can withstand sun, sand, and saltwater air while providing style and comfort. Outdoor rugs are the ideal accessory to tie your coastal backyard together. 

This article explores the top outdoor rug picks for beach houses and coastal décor.

Why Choose An Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs instantly define and warm up an alfresco living space. They designate an area for conversation, dining, or lounging in comfort. 

Outdoor rugs add visual interest with colour, texture, and pattern to balance hard patio surfaces. And unlike indoor rugs, outdoor rugs are created to survive the elements.

Furthermore, outdoor rugs are mould, mildew, UV, stain, and fade-resistant. They can withstand exposure to saltwater and chlorine, too. That makes them ideal for poolside placement or seaside homes. The polypropylene construction means these rugs can live outdoors year-round without worry.

Not only are Salt Sun Sand rugs durable but they are sustainably made, too. Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, you can reduce waste with an environmentally responsible style. When properly cared for, these rugs will last for years before recycling again.

Below, some of the top outdoor rugs for breezy coastal living spaces will be explored.

1. Coastal Blue

The aptly named Coastal Blue Outdoor Rug is one among the Salt Sun Sand Outdoor Rugs. It sets the scene for relaxed waterfront living. Its cool blue and white palette brings to mind cloudless skies reflecting over calm azure waters. Broad teal and sky blue stripes contrast with bright white zig-zags in this fresh, nautical-inspired design.

Thoughtfully crafted from UV-resistant polypropylene, this hard-wearing style is built to handle the demands of outdoor use. Its flat, low-profile weave allows easy cleaning while resisting fading, mould, and mildew, even in damp conditions.

This lightweight, UV-resistant rug adds a pop of soft coastal colour. Place this rug in an alfresco lounge, laundry, or patio area to inject some breezy, beachside style. The Coastal Blue outdoor rug’s cool blue and white palette complements and pairs beautifully with natural textures like weathered wood and rattan furniture, creating a relaxed seaside look. Or complement with maritime accents, such as a striped sun umbrella, woven throws, and driftwood or seashell decorative touches.

2. Mirage Navy

Recall lazy days spent beachcombing with the beautifully detailed Mirage Navy Outdoor Rug. Traditional Moroccan motifs inspired the ornate medallion design, realized in sophisticated navy blue against a neutral stone background. Intricate patterns represent the winds, sun, mountains, and desert sands.

Durably constructed from UV-protected polypropylene, Mirage Navy is completely weatherproof. The flat woven pile is mould, mildew, fade, and stain resistant, ideal for high-traffic outdoor areas. 

This elegant rug takes inspiration from ornate Moroccan motifs. The coastal blue and sand scheme meshes seamlessly with whitewashed decking, weathered patio furniture, and natural fibre accents. Display azure and seafoam ceramics, woven baskets, shells, or sun-bleached corals for some on-theme embellishment. Linen and seagrass textures in cushions and throws pull the look together.

3. Sanctuary

Crisp, coastal style radiates from the Sanctuary Outdoor Rug’s yacht-inspired palette. Cool navy and white are ordered into neat chevron stripes for a nautical sensibility that instantly conjures images of sleek sailing boats and azure oceans.

Meticulous construction from UV-stabilized polypropylene means exceptional weather resistance and durability. Sanctuary lies flat and won’t shift around, ideal for high foot traffic zones. The tightly woven fabric also permits easy cleaning –sweep or hose down to restore its smart finish.

Nautical stripes in navy and white evoke sleek sailing ships. Its smart colour scheme and maritime motif tie together the coastal vision.

Echo the crisp navy and white tones with decorative wood trim, ceramics, and accent cushions. Add natural textures like weathered timber, bleached driftwood, linen, jute, and seagrass for breezy seaside charm.

4. Shimmer

Shimmer Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rug glistens like sunlight dancing over the water. Its dynamic zig-zag design shimmers thanks to subtle colour variations woven throughout durable UV-protected polypropylene yarns.

Despite its delicate appearance, Shimmer offers exceptional resilience against rain, sun, salt, and humidity. The tight, flat weave also permits easy surface cleaning – simply hose or sweep away dirt.

Subtle colour variations make this monochrome rug shine. Shimmer makes a stylish anchor for poolside lounges, alfresco dining settings, and balcony relaxation zones. The monochromatic scheme with barely-there colour accents ensures broad appeal and versatility within any well-designed space.

Play up the coastal inspiration by pairing with rattan and driftwood furniture, breezy linens, woven accents, and ceramic garden stools. Keep walls, floors, and furnishings light to let Shimmer take center stage.

5. Urban Black & White

Make a contemporary statement with the graphic Urban Black and White Outdoor Rug. Its labyrinthine tribal design immediately draws the eye while speaking to modern trends.

This UV-stabilized rug is flat and won’t shift around. It is constructed from weatherproof polypropylene. The tightly woven fabric repels moisture, preventing mould and mildew growth in damp areas. Minor spills can be easily brushed or hosed off the durable surface.

Make a style statement with this graphic monochrome rug. The graphic black-and-white scheme ensures broad appeal and versatility within contemporary spaces.

Play the vision with black metal furnishings, ceramic garden stools, textural throws, and cushions. Keep walls, floors, paving, and decking minimal to let the rug take center stage.

Conclusion: Start Your Coastal Living Dream

Beautifully crafted outdoor rugs unlock endless possibilities for coastal-style alfresco zones. Their on-trend patterns and textures enhance breezy, beach-inspired decors, while exceptional weatherproof construction ensures enduring performance.

Make the most of balmy sunny days and summer nights by creating your dream entertainment area.