Can Parties Increase Employee’s Creativity?

Can Parties Increase Employee Creativity

A business that has creative employees stands out among its competitors. These employees are able to come up with unique marketing campaigns, new ideas to better business, and ways to increase sales. There are many ways to encourage creative thinking among your employees and holding office parties is one way of doing it. Can parties increase employee creativity? How do they do this?

Team Members Interact Freely

You need your employees to understand each other in order to be creative. There is no way they can discuss an idea if the only time they interact is when borrowing a pen or discussing the weather over coffee in the break room. You need to help them foster great relations among themselves. Parties make this possible. As people dine and dance together they are able to open up to each other and their relations improve. You can expect more conversation after a party. It is from these conversations that a great idea can be born. Office parties are perfect team-building events.

Office parties should have everyone present from the top management to the manual laborers. This gives everyone a chance to know each other. As they meet the top management, employees feel motivated to do better. This motivation can go a long way in encouraging creativity.

Much-Needed Relaxation

Creativity needs one to be in the best state of mind. They need to be relaxed and in a good mood in order to come up with great ideas. When working, your employees may be under pressure to perform and as a result, they rarely have enough time to relax. As they leave the office family activities take over and most may not be able to engage in relaxing activities often. Organizing fun office parties can address this. Ensure that the party you organize has the best corporate party entertainment. Bring in mentalists, comedians, and other entertainers who invoke good feelings in the audience. An office party should be fun and relaxing. With adequate relaxation, the mind is able to think clearly and creativity is enhanced.

A Time to Recognize Exemplary Performance

Recognition of great achievements is a good way to encourage more achievements. During parties or events organized by the company, set aside time to recognize creativity and other achievements. You could reward the biggest innovation of the year, recognize the most hardworking employee or reward the best team effort. No matter what it is you choose to celebrate, ensure that the winner is selected fairly. Reward the winners while encouraging other staff members to do better. What are some rewards you could give? Fully-paid trips are common but movie tickets, pay rise and better office space are just as lucrative. You only need to ensure that the gift is suitable for the recipient.

A Learning Experience

Parties are fun but this is not to say that you cannot add something informational there. You could call in expert speakers to educate the employees on different subjects. Think of industry leaders who could encourage employees to be better and top management who could explain the company’s mission and vision. Information shared at parties is more likely to be remembered than that shared at seminars and conferences. At a party, one only has to grasp what is important, not write it down and read it later. If you have been looking for a platform to educate your employees an office party is a great choice.

Yes, Parties Can Increase Employee Creativity

Among the many ways to increase employee creativity, parties stand out because of many reasons. At an office party, you provide your employees with a relaxing environment, a chance to recognize achievements and bring employees together. Parties are fun and many employees will be in attendance. This is a great way to encourage creativity away from the working environment.

Parties are not the only way to increase employee creativity. You also need to create an enabling work environment. Ensure that the working area is comfortable and designed with colors that evoke thoughts. Also, ensure that you act on the best ideas. This will show your employees that you value their feedback and encourage them to keep coming up with great ideas. By combing various methods of increasing employee creativity you will achieve great success.