5 Effective Leadership Tips for Introverts

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Image Source: Pxhere   Introversion and extroversion are often poorly conceptualized. These personality types aren’t defined by being shy or outgoing. They are instead about where you derive your energy. Introverts find their energy from being in their own thoughts.   Although leading may come second-nature to extroverts, introverts may find things a bit more […]

How Companies Use Skills Assessments

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We analyzed how more than 4,000 companies use skills assessments on Vervoe, particularly employer and candidate preferences, and wanted to share the results with you. Here are some of the most interesting things we learned: COMPANIES Hiring funnel The first step companies tend to replace with skills assessments is phone screening. Intuitively this makes sense […]

8 Famous Chefs “Recipes” for Success

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Celebrity chefs, from Anthony Bourdain to Guy Fieri or Sami Nosrat, became who they are by way of creativity, passion, and determination. Despite the type of cuisine or journey to success, there’s no one path that’s right. Often, the road to stardom or success is long, winding and full of road bumps.   However, celebrity […]