4 Ways to Improve the Consistency of Your Brand

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When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Whether it’s your company logo and your brand colors or your core values and beliefs, strong consistency means a better customer experience and brand recognition.  If you’re in a particularly saturated market, then a strong, consistent brand can help you stand apart from your competitors, not just […]

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Marketing Strategies To Increase Customer Loyalty

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Do you know loyal customers are likely to spend 65% more than new customers? Customers’ loyalty is an important game-changer factor. The businesses that have more brand loyal customers consistently improve revenues. Customer loyalty is the action of picking one company’s products or services continuously over the other alternatives available in the market (the competitors). […]

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Ecommerce Statistics and Trends 2020: The Impact of COVID & The Rise of New Tech

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Website Builder Expert have launched a new resource graphic guide looking at the state of Ecommerce in 2020 and the factors that have affected it including the COVID19 pandemic and the rise of new trends and technologies such as Mobile-purchasing, Personalization/Localization, Voice Assistants and more. Impact of COVID on Ecommerce Key finding: Due to the pandemic, ecommerce […]

Why Digital Marketers are Relying on SEO Tools and Techniques

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Image source Digital marketing has rapidly emerged as a growing part of the marketing sector, benefitting all niched businesses. With more entrepreneurs and companies switching to the new mode of branding, it’s safe to say that digital marketing is the future of marketing.  However, digital marketing can often prove expensive despite its increasing popularity, especially […]

The Essential Guide To Driving Your Business Into The Digital Age

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It doesn’t matter whether your business has been a market leader for decades or whether you have only just launched your venture, you need to consider how to futureproof your startup. There are more small businesses than ever, as more millennials follow their entrepreneurial dreams. To compete with your rivals, you need to be thinking […]

Tips for Online Networking [Infographic]

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What feelings come to mind when you think of networking? Nerves, stress or anxiety? Well, according to a study by Cornell University, networking makes the majority of us feeling physically dirtier. Professional relationship building leaves a layer of guilt-ridden grime that makes us feel like we need to cleanse ourselves of the experience. Did we say too […]


7 Ways To Create Content That Will Attract Backlinks in 2020

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Search engines are constantly evolving. If previously purchased links helped to bring the site to the TOP of search results, now, in the era of Google Penguin, it becomes easier to determine when unnatural methods of obtaining backlinks are used to promote the site. Both algorithms identify sites that are using SEO links for search […]


Leading Social Media Marketing for The Hospitality Industry

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The essence of having the best hotel promotion strategies are hard to overstate, since it is the main part of launching the hotel, creating brand awareness, optimizing the rate of bookings generated, and taking care of your reputation. If you are a company looking for the best hospitality social media marketing strategies for your hotel, […]