Same Day Delivery And How Utilizing This Will Affect Your Business

In life, people will say “patience is a virtue.” However, when it comes to online shopping patience is a virtue that no one or very few people possess. With the advancements in technology, consumers have the ability to track their package every step of the way, becoming more anxious every time the UPS or FedEx truck passes their house or apartment. That being said, consumer expectations are at an all-time high, and retailers are starting to take notice and combating this by offering same-day delivery options.

Due to the fact that consumers would like products as soon as possible, it is said that 88 percent of consumers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery or faster shipping methods. Not only is this an indicator that retailers need to embrace consumers’ need for instant gratification, but this also proves that incorporating same-day delivery into your small business can be a very lucrative move as well. As a result, retailers are finding innovative ways and implementing new strategies to make their consumers happy and continuously coming back.

Believe it or not, in the near future delivery drones will be dropping off your groceries and other small items right on your doorstep. Even though delivery drones are still in the testing phase, this does not decrease the need for same-day delivery. If anything it validates that same-day deliveries are needed more than ever. Retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target have already integrated same-day delivery models which have proven to be very profitable. So instead of these major retailers reaping all the benefits, it’s time for your business to utilize this delivery option as well.

If you still need to be convinced that this delivery option can be lucrative for your business, here are a number of reasons why you should heavily consider utilizing it. Not only will incorporating same-day deliveries increase your conversion rates, and decrease the return rate of your products, but it will also help you attract and retain loyal customers as well. However, integrating same-day deliveries into your business model may not be the easiest thing to do. You can expect to face some hurdles along the way, but depending on your business this can prove to be one giant leap in the right direction.

In this Wikibuy infographic, you can get more details on how you can incorporate same-day deliveries into your small business, supporting your ecommerce fulfillment solutions for your business.

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The Benefits of Same Day Delivery For Small Business