Different Tactics to Increase Leads for Contracting Business

Homeowners, landlords, business owners, and property managers want to trust the team they assemble to manage their projects. This means the contractors they choose need to be proficient and affordable. If you are a reliable contracting business and want to create more client opportunities, you need a lead generation strategy. 

Generating leads for contractors requires work. However, if implemented properly, your ad campaign can be a complementary piece of your business’ marketing puzzle. What’s most important is to have a measurable goal and a plan to reach those goals. 

If your business wants to reach its goals, then you need a strategy. Many businesses develop their lead-generating strategy in-house, but many companies specialize in helping businesses attract high-value leads at affordable rates.  

If you’re a roofing contractor, an effective roofer SEO strategy can help your business provide value to consumers and get your business out in front of potential clients looking for roofing services like yours. It can also help your business stand out locally among your competitors that don’t have an effective search engine optimization strategy. 

Importance of Lead Generation for Contracting Businesses

Building, roofing, and renovation contractors have to meet the needs of property owners. Each property has its limitations.  Each property owner wants to know that the contractor they choose will meet their needs reliably and affordably. 

Many contractors will be competing for potential clients, and consumers will have to do their due diligence to research which contracting company is right for them. Your contracting business can use SEO or PPC strategies to get your services in front of the right homeowners and property managers at the right time. 

Lead generation allows you to focus on quality leads and sharpen your value proposition. The information you provide can help leads learn more about your business and have more confidence in their decision to hire your firm.

Tactics To Increase Leads For Contracting Businesses

The tactics you choose will affect how many leads you generate. A strong online presence can help people learn about your services all over the world. Here are a few tactics your business can use to get more clients in the door, generate more leads, and increase awareness about your business’ products and services: 

Google My Business

Google My Business can help potential leads find your business via search or on Google Maps. Setting up your profile for a Google My Business listing is free and easy and can be optimized to attract leads to your business in your community and abroad. 

Angie’s List

Angie’s List connects contractors with more than six million households. It’s free to create a profile on Angie’s List and get leads from your profile. Advertising on the lead generation website for contractors is quite expensive and could be $4 to $8 per click. 


If you’ve looked up a restaurant online then you’ve more than likely read a Yelp review before. Yelp receives more than 30 million unique visitors each month.  Yelp is free and can help you generate contractor leads immediately. You can also advertise on Yelp to increase your visibility. 


Porch provides a lead generation platform for contractors who specialize in-home services. With Porch, you can choose your leads versus paying for every lead that contacts your business, like with HomeAdvisor. This can give your business a bit more control over the types of leads you receive. 

Using lead generation companies is a great way for contracting businesses to get started on their lead generation strategy. Digital Marketing can also be an effective lead generation strategy for your contracting business because it features a plethora of strategies that have been effective in generating leads for contractors.