Dream It, Do It, Inspire Roundup:  Leadership and Personal Development Posts Around the Blogosphere


Grab a Coffee or Tea and take the next few minutes to catch up on some great reads.  There is a lot of great information available on the blogosphere that can help direct you towards your goals.  Let’s hope that these posts get you to Dream It!  Do It! And Inspire!


Here are Some Leadership and Personal Development Posts from Around the BlogOSphere:


3 Reasons Leaders Should Up Their Empathy Quotient – Talent Space Blog

There are a lot of articles and theories about how as a leader, you can keep your employees happy.  Talent Space Blog talks about the importance of Empathy and how Empathy can create engagement and happier employees.


6 Tips for Taking Back Control and Performing Better – Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur, every day demands can be extensive.  Do you sometimes feel like you are losing control?  Then these 6 tips may help you take it back and perform better.


9 Revelations about Toxic Leaders – Entrepreneur

A leadership title is not an automatic indication of an effective leader.  Have you ever met a Toxic leader?  Maybe you question whether you are one yourself?  If there is any doubt, read this article to find out.


The Psychological Trick to Help You Overcome Procrastination – Inc

We are all guilty of it sometime.  We have a couple of things on our to-do list that we put off and then put off again.  A recent piece published in the The Conversation, a website focused on academic research, sheds some light on the psychology of why people procrastinate.


How to Hold People Accountable Without Using Authority – Leadership Freak

Do you catch yourself using your title as a means to hold people accountable or a way to achieve results?  This article shares how you can hold people accountable without pulling rank.


Great Team Share More Than a Destination – Tanveer Naseer

In today’s world, the ability to work in teams is a crucial skill.  But how can you ensure your teams’ effectiveness?  In order to be successful, teams must share a destination, a compelling common goal.  This article is a guest post from Sean Glaze who shares two parts to creating a common compelling goal.


4 Leadership Styles That Trigger Peak Performance – John C. Maxwell

Are there certain leadership traits common to those who achieve success?  John Maxwell shares those common traits that get the most out of your team.

“The road to the next level is always uphill, and if a team isn’t moving up, then it inevitable slides down” – John C. Maxwell


The Power of Gratitude: 5 Small Tips for a Lighter and Happier Life Starting Today – The Positivity Blog

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring a lot back.  Practicing gratitude can be a Powerful resource of happiness.  Henrik shares 5 tips that you can use to cultivate more gratitude and happiness in your life.


[bctt tweet=”“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust “]



Do you or someone you know feel stuck?  Do you sometimes wonder if you will be able to get out of your rut?  Michael shares one trick that anyone can use to improve their circumstances, including four questions you can answer to start changing your circumstances.


Did you read a great article recently?  What tip do you have to share?