Frequently Asked Questions on Self-Storage

It is a good step if you have opted to rent a storage unit to manage your space. However, due to the number of companies that offer storage services, it is crucial to conduct enough research and compare the companies to find the best storage facility that suits your needs. As you look around, you will realize that these companies are different. Therefore, you may have many questions you might want to ask to ensure you choose the right storage facility. The following are common questions that many people ask when looking for a self-storage unit.

How do you secure the site?

It is crucial to know how secure your items will be. Therefore, ask for security measures the facility has put in place to secure their customersā€™ belongings. A perimeter fence, CCTVs and strong locks on every unit are part of the security measures. There should also be a guard to protect the entire facility. These combinations maximize the level of security in the facility.

Do you have restrictions on what to store in the unit?

Some facilities restrict the storage of certain items in their units. Therefore, ensure the company clearly states on its website the things you should and should not store in the facility. You can also ask the management to explain to you. You can also confirm if there will be additional expenses or conditions for storing specific items. Having these details is crucial to know if the facility suits your needs.

Is there a limit for accessing my unit?

Confirming that you can access your belongings when you need to is crucial. However, ensuring you adhere to the working hours is vital. Know the gate hours and when the gates will be closed. Mostly, facilities operate between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. others operate for 24 hours. Confirm with the facility when you are allowed to access your items.

What is the size of your units?

Knowing if there will be enough space to keep all your items without squeezing them together is crucial. Therefore, when considering self storage rental at The Lock Up, ask about the size of the units. Some facilities have units that you can easily increase or downsize to meet your needs. So, ask about the size of the units and how their prices differ.

Do you have issues with theft and damage in the past? How did you solve them?

The answer you get to this question can make all the difference. Look at how the management answers this question. Are they confident with the answer? Let them tell you about the incidents they have had in the past and how they handled these issues. Signs like fences, security guards, alarms, and smart locks can also help you get the answers you need.

Do you have climate-controlled units?

Some items like electronics, documents, furniture, and others, require climate-controlled storage to eliminate the issue of moisture and high temperature. Therefore, ask if the facility has climate controlled units for keeping sensitive items. Climate-controlled units may cost more than regular units, so it is crucial to know about them.

These are vital questions you should ask the management and staff. Ensure you are confident that you have picked the right self-storage facility by asking about anything you may have in mind.