Hotels and Hospitality – 3 Types of Hotels that are Way Too Popular

bedroom interior setup

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, like a bunch of different flavors in an ice cream parlor!  

You’ve got cozy, family-owned bed and breakfasts where you might feel like you’re staying with friends, and then there are those fancy resorts where you can find everything from swimming pools to spas. Whether you’re dreaming of running a hotel or just curious, knowing the different types helps you know what to expect – like what kind of vibe and services each one offers. 

How Many Forms of Hotels are Available Out There? 

Think of hotel types like sorting hats for your stay. They’re like little cheat codes that help you figure out what a hotel is all about before you book. From big resorts, like ALTRO Zafferano, to cozy budget spots, each type gives you a clue about what to expect.  

Hotels are like a big mix of options, each with its own style.  

Whether you want something super fancy or just a basic place to sleep, there’s a hotel that’s just right for you. Let’s dive in and find out more! 

1: The Motels 

You know those roadside stops from way back in the 1920s called motels?  

They’re like a hotel but made for folks traveling by car. They called ’em motels ’cause they’re all about catering to those motor vehicles.  

They’re perfect when you’re road-tripping and need a cheap place to crash for the night. You’ll usually find them near highways, nothing fancy, just the basics to give you a cozy pit stop. 

Do you know how motels are a bit different from regular hotels? Yeah, they usually have rooms you can get to from outside, unlike hotels where you go through a lobby.  

And they’re usually not very tall, usually just one or two floors, unlike those huge hotels you see downtown. Think of places like Motel 6, or Econo Lodge – those are some of the massive motel chains, but you can also find independent ones too. But, how to find an affordable option? 

Ever wondered why sometimes things cost more or less? It’s all about finding the sweet spot where what’s up for grabs matches what folks are after. It’s like when you’re selling lemonade: if you’ve got just the right amount at a fair price, everyone’s happy! Understanding this balance can really steer you through how markets work in your line of work. 

2: Chain Hotels 

You know those hotels you see everywhere, with familiar names like Hilton or Marriott? Yeah, those are chain hotels. They’re part of big hotel families run by companies or owners.  

Think of Hilton—they’ve got lots of brands under their belt like DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, and Hampton. The same goes for the Marriott chain with hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard and Sheraton. They’re like big hotel clans spread out all over the world! 

If you’re staying at these hotels, it’s good to keep an eye out for any sneaky extra charges like resort fees. And hey, have you heard about hotel loyalty programs?  

Like, Marriott’s got this cool VIP thing called Marriott Bonvoy. Depending on your level, you can score free nights, better rooms, and even deals with airlines. Plus, some hotels give secret discounts if you book directly with them. So, it’s worth checking out your options! 

3: All-Suite Hotels 

Have you ever been to those hotels where every room feels like its own little apartment? They’re called all-suite hotels. You can usually tell because, well, “suites” is right there in the name! 

These spots are great because instead of just a bedroom, you also get your own living area and sometimes even a little kitchen. It’s like having your own comfy spot away from home.  

You might’ve heard of some of the big ones like Comfort Suites, Embassy Suites, or Staybridge Suites—they’re all about that suite life! 

But, you know what? Those folks running hotels should really get hip to the fact that all-suite joints are just the bee’s knees for guests who dig extra space, and convenience, or are sticking around for a bit. It’s super important to make sure those rooms are top-notch: smartly designed, totally functional, and kept in tip-top shape. 

These hotels are also perfect for business travelers who crave a comfy, homey atmosphere while on work trips. That’s why it’s critical to decorate the rooms with a blend of luxury and coziness. 

Wrapping Up Our Views! 

So, think about it—hotels are like a big mix of different vibes, you know?  

There are fancy ones, adventurous ones, budget-friendly ones, even quirky ones!  

Whatever floats your boat, there’s a hotel out there just waiting for you to make some awesome memories. So, which one’s calling your name?