How Do I Find A Good Local Handyman?

Have you moved interstate or to a different state? Are you having minimal issues in your new home? The solution to your problem is a handyman. It is never easy to find a good handyman if you have come out of your league. You have to search for a long for a perfect choice and disturbances in a home make you disturb even more. 

Every place has its directory that enlists names and contact numbers of local contractors and handymen. All those handymen are not accurate selections. There can be frauds, who will wreck your home and cost you tons of dollars. But there will be good handymen as well, providing you effective services. Here are some ways to find the best handyman services around you:


The best tip to find a good handyman is to believe in word of mouth. Trust your family, friends, neighbor, or office colleagues for their recommendations. If they are living in the same area as you, they must have taken the services from a handyman. It is also obvious that they must have searched and selected the most efficient person. So, it cut down your search. They will even let you know about their bad experiences if any so you can stay alert during your search.


Your local hardware store is another perfect place to find a good local handyman. You can see bulletin boards where many contractors and handymen place their brochures or business cards for repair work. It is easy for clients to call them in the hour of need. If the owner of the local hardware store knows you well, he can guide you for the best choice too. Some handymen can also have websites furnished for advertisement purposes. You can easily search the websites and examine the experience of each one for the best local handyman.


Houzz is a perfect website for interior designing but it also offers quality services such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. It probably targets 40 million interior designing fanatics and homeowners. It has a detailed list of professionals with star ratings and reviews that aid a newbie to go for the best choice. The website contains pictures and references about the experience of the professionals.


Are you new in the town and have not interacted with your neighbors yet? A person who has just moved and he has not interacted with his neighbors, cannot take recommendations from him. In this time of the pandemic, it is even more difficult to connect with them physically. The next-door app can engage your neighbors with you. You can easily take their reviews on handymen, pest controllers, and any other service you want.


Yelp is always here to help. You will be amazed to see good choices on this website regarding contractors, handymen, and painters, etc. They also provide contact information, ratings, reviews, and pictures of the work they have done already. You will mostly see positive reviews there, but it can have a few negative reviews too. You have to shortlist them on your own.


Americans should rely completely on HomeAdvisor. It offers you professionals for minimum repair to complete renovation. If you want to gain its services, it will ask you a list of questions about the project and your location. You have to be satisfied as HomeAdvisor publish professionals after thorough screening and analyzing true reviews.


Craigslist gives you a vintage feel but remember “Old is Gold”. It contains a search bar to enter your desired query. After entering handyman services in it, a complete list of professionals will appear. If you are not used to modern technology, you should always opt for this website for the best options. A large number of people rely on it. It will give you one of the best local professionals around you.


This marketplace has its pros and cons but more pros than cons. Facebook marketplace will give you unlimited handymen offering you different services. An advantage of the Facebook marketplace is that you can contact the handyman without giving your details so it is secure and your privacy remains intact.

A disadvantage is that you have to go through long lists searching for a good choice and it takes a lot of time. 


It is also a good online marketplace to search for the best professionals. Like every other website and app, it also offers you a search bar so that you describe the type of professional or the type of services you want to have. After filling the search bar, a list will pop up determining to give you the best local handymen with the best possible services. You can see their profile, cost estimates for your task, reviews, and contact information on this site.


Summing up the discussion, finding a good local handyman that is professional and reliable is difficult these days. Many people have made fake profiles on websites. Good apps and websites cross-check and remove them sometimes but the chance of error sustains. Choose the handymen wisely.